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ATLAS Card Access (2017)
This document explains what is expected of you when you are given access to the ATLAS building. It is not intended to be a complete list of all allowed/forbidden activities, but rather a guide for the use of ATLAS hardware, software and facilities.
First Name
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Middle Initial
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Last Name
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Buff OneCard Number (last 7 digits) 601423500____
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Student ID
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Request Room(s) (Example: Entrances, 231)
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If you are a non-ATLAS student taking a course in the building, please list the course number below (Example: EBIO 2100)
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Expected Graduation Date (if non-student write "non-student)
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I will respect the ATLAS facilities, computers, equipment and classrooms and do my best to make sure others take care of these items so other students may use them in the future.
I will not let another person use my card for access or let another person in using my access card.
I will not prop open any ATLAS internal or external door.
I understand that examples of inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to: 1. Drinking or eating in the labs or edit bays or near any computer or equipment. 2. Distracting other students who are using equipment. 3. Not cooperating with the ATLAS staff. 4. Vandalism, Leaving trash. 5. Bringing alcohol, illegal drugs, bikes or pets into the ATLAS building. 6. Using another person’s computer access account
I agree to treat all the hardware, computers and specialized equipment as though I’ve paid for it personally, because, in part, I have (UCSU fees and ATLAS Program Fees).
I understand that ATLAS has limited resources and may not have funding to replace damaged or stolen items. I am responsible for replacing and/or repairing everything I damage.
I will use all software in compliance with its intended purpose and its software usage agreement.
I understand that the software, plugins, and fonts that are installed on ATLAS computers are the property of the University of Colorado, and I will not copy or use these materials outside of course-related work.
If I witness anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior; I will report it to ATLAS Administration in ATLAS 223 or email with a date and time of the incident.
If I abuse my ATLAS privileges I understand that I will lose my ATLAS Building access, and possibly have legal action brought against me.
By initialing below, I certify that I have read and agree to the information and regulations on this page, and I will observe all posted policies and rules. My initials represent my signature and create a legally binding contract between the ATLAS Institute and myself.
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