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Petition to Delay DA-RT Implementation

On November 12, the petition was sent to the 27 editors who had signed the DA-RT statement. It was signed by 1,173 political science scholars, including 10 former APSA presidents. The petition and the list of those who signed can be found here:

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We are continuing to collect signatures. To sign, scroll down past the petition and the names of those who already signed to fill out the form.

The list of names below the petition includes the approximately 1,173 people who signed as of November 12, 4:15 pm EST

November 3, 2015

Dear Colleagues [to be sent to the editors who signed the DA-RT statement],

We write as concerned members of the American Political Science Association to urge an important amendment to the statement, “Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT): A Joint Statement by Political Science Journal Editors.” In the joint statement, dated October 6, 2014, journal editors committed their respective journals to a set of principles, to be implemented by January 15, 2016.

DA-RT organizers have made many efforts over the past five years to reach out to members of the profession through various symposia and meetings. However, these issues began to gain widespread attention only when the journal editors signed the statement of October 6, 2014 and panels at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association brought the issue to the attention of many scholars who had not realized the possible implications of that statement for their own research, despite the previous outreach activities. Conversations at the panels, roundtables, section business meetings, and other venues at the recent annual meeting demonstrated that members of the Association have only just begun to grapple with the implications of DA-RT. Profession-wide conversations about the meaning, practicalities, and costs and benefits of data access and research transparency are now beginning, for example, in research communities such as Women and Politics Research and History and Politics.

At this point, many key questions remain unresolved. Some of the issues raised at the Annual Meeting and in other venues include:

• Achieving transparency in analytic procedures may be relatively straightforward for quantitative methods executed via software code. It is far from clear, however, what analytic explicitness entails for the vast range of qualitative empirical approaches, from process tracing and comparative-historical analysis to interpretive ethnography and hermeneutics. What norms, principles, or considerations should guide authors and reviewers in pursuing and judging analytic transparency for non-statistical forms of inquiry?

• The costs involved with preparing data for archiving vary widely depending on the nature of the evidence. For research that does not involve machine-readable datasets, rendering the original sources or “raw data” in digital form for archiving can impose substantial financial and logistical burdens on researchers. What is the right balance between the costs and the benefits of rendering these types of data accessible? How can a balance be struck that does not systematically favor some modes of political analysis over others? Who should decide how to strike that balance in individual cases?

• Different modes of evidence-based research in our discipline are premised on fundamentally differing understandings of the knowledge-generating process. Some approaches view political inquiry as the analysis of data extracted from the social world. Others understand social research as an inherently relational and intersubjective activity in which observation and interpretation are inseparable. How can the principle of data access be fairly and meaningfully applied to forms of political inquiry that are premised on diverse understandings of empirical engagement itself?

• Scholars working on a range of vital issues in political science confront deep dilemmas in balancing the principles of data access and research transparency against their legal and ethical obligations to human subjects. In field studies of political violence, inquiry in authoritarian contexts, and research involving vulnerable populations, for example, subjects’ safety or welfare may be put at risk if their identities and/or their locations are revealed. Field notes or interview transcripts sometimes cannot be sufficiently “sanitized” without rendering their content un-interpretable. How can principles of data access be respected, and research transparency be achieved, while guaranteeing the protection of human subjects? Will scholars conducting research on sensitive topics of central concern to our discipline be able to publish their work in journals that have endorsed DA-RT?

• Finally, many scholars have expressed the view that the decision about whether or not to make research materials publicly available should belong to scholars and not journal editors or reviewers. The researcher conducting the study, this perspective maintains, is in the best position to judge whether any harm might come to human subjects by making data available to other researchers, authorities, or political opponents; whether a government might subpoena the materials (as has happened with past repositories in the U.S.); whether a data repository can provide graded access (such as access only to researchers who gain the permission of the original researcher and access, for historical purposes, only after 100 years from deposit); and whether the repository is sufficiently protected against potential hacking. What is more, the deposit of materials such as field-notes or interviews, out of the context that only the original researcher could fully understand, might lead to misinterpretation of the research.

The qualitative and multi-method research communities, among others, are now poised to conduct far-reaching discussions on principles of data access and research transparency appropriate to their communities. In more than one field, committees have been appointed and methods of consultation are being decided upon. For instance, at its 2015 annual business meeting, the APSA’s Organized Section for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research adopted a motion to initiate a process of consultation and deliberation within qualitative research communities about the meaning and practicalities of transparency for different forms of qualitative empirical research. This deliberative process is expected to unfold over the coming year.

Since these issues are still very much under discussion, it is supremely important not to begin to enforce any particular policies until the relevant research communities have been able to discuss the issues fully and either come to consensus or clarify the issues on which their members disagree.

We therefore request that you delay implementing DA-RT until more widespread consultation can be accomplished at, for instance, the regional meetings this year, and the organized section meetings and panels and workshops at the 2016 annual meeting. Postponing the date of implementation will allow a discipline-wide consideration of the principles of data access and research transparency and how they should be put into practice.

The signatories below may or may not support any particular formulation of the issues among the examples we give, but all join in hoping that you will agree to this delay.


[others to be added, in alphabetical order]

Tanja Aalberts, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Kristen Abatsis McHenry, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Gabriele Abels, University of Tuebingen
Jeffrey Abramson, University of Texas
Martha Ackelsberg, Smith College
Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University
Brian Adams, San Diego State University
Fiona Adamson, SOAS, University of London
Per Adman, Uppsala University
Afsoun Afsahi, University of British Columbia
Aisha Ahmad, University of Toronto
Amel Ahmed, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sener Akturk, Koc University
Ericka Albaugh, Bowdoin College
Mikhail Alexseev, San Diego State University
Bentley Allan, Johns Hopkins University
Geoff Allen, University of California Santa Barbara
Delphine Alles, Université Paris Est
Felia Allum, University of Bath, UK
Özlem Altan-Olcay, Koç University
Karen Alter, Northwestern University
Matthew Amengual, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ellen Andersen, University of Vermont
Karen Anderson, University of Southampton
Kevin Anderson, University of California, Santa Barbara
George Andreopoulos, City University of New York
Yuen Ang, University of Michigan
Yuen Yuen Ang, University of Michigan
Simon Anglim, King's College London
Elisabeth Anker, George Washington University
Mark Anner, Penn State University
Leonie Ansems de Vries, King's College London
Andrew Aoki, Augsburg College
Fulya Apaydin, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals
Claudia Aradau, King's College London
Ana Arjona, Northwestern University
Celeste Arrington, The George Washington University
Robert Art, Brandeis University
Aslaug Asgeirsdottir, Bates College
Amy Atchison, Valparaiso University
Larissa Atkison, University of Chicago
Jessica Auchter, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Adam Auerbach, American University
John Aughenbaugh, Virginia Commonwealth University
Séverine Autesserre, Barnard College, Columbia University
Deborah Avant, University of Denver
Phillip Ayoub, Drexel University
Laura Back, University of Washington
Yooil Bae, Singapore Management University
Emily Baer, University of Minnesota
Bruce Bagley, University of Miami
Rochana Bajpai, SOAS
Jacqui Baker, Murdoch University
Onur Bakiner, Seattle University
Manuel Balan, McGill University
Cristina Balboa, Baruch College -CUNY
Lisa Baldez, Dartmouth College
Lawrie Balfour, University of Virginia
Huss Banai, Indiana University
Katherine Banks, Washington State University
Gabrielle Bardall, Université de Montréal
Banu Bargu, New School for Social Research
Breno Barlach, Universidade de São Paulo
Naazneen Barma, Naval Postgraduate School
Andrew Barnes, Kent State University
Larry Bartels, Vanderbilt University
Amrita Basu, Amherst College
Regina Bateson, MIT
Kelly Bauer, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Laurie Beaudonnet, University of Montreal
Jonathan Beck, University of Washington
Michael Beckley, Tufts University
Karen Beckwith, Case Western Reserve University
Caroline Beer, University of Vermont
Ingrid Bego, Hastings College
Natasha Behl, Arizona State University
Mark Beissinger, Princeton University
Duncan Bell, University of Cambridge
Rocco Bellanova, PRIO
Mary Bellhouse, Providence College
Cristina Beltran, New York University
Lihi Ben Shitrit, University of Georgia
William Bendix, Keene State College
Seyla Benhabib, Yale University
Elizabeth Bennett, Lewis & Clark College
Tabitha Benney, University of Utah
Richard Bensel, Cornell University
Mats Berdal, King's College London
Felix Berenskoetter, SOAS, University of London
John Berg, Suffolk University
Gerald Berk, University of Oregon
Daniel Berliner, Arizona State University
Sheri Berman, Barnard College
Nancy Bermeo, Oxford University
Michael Bernhard, University of Florida
Steven Bernstein, University of Toronto
Katherine Bersch, Stanford University
Nancy Bertoldi, University of Toronto
Jacques Bertrand, University of Toronto
Felipe Carlos Betancourt Higareda, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Laurence Bherer, Université de Montréal
Susan Bickford, University of North Carolina
Morris Bidjerano, Walden University
Didier Bigo, King's college london War Studies
Jóhanna Birnir, University of Maryland
Bidisha Biswas, Western Washington University
Elin Bjarnegård, Uppsala University
Sara Bjerg Moller, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University
Amanda Blair, University of Chicago
William Blake, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Ruth Blakeley, University of Kent, incoming editor, Review of International Studies
Brian Blankenship, Columbia University
Nicolas Blarel, Leiden university
Joachim Blatter, University of Lucerne
Christopher Blattman, Columbia University
Mia Bloom, Georgia State University
Doug Blum, Providence College
Taylor Boas, Boston University
Janice Bockmeyer, City University of New York - John Jay College
Aaron Boesenecker, American University
Matthijs Bogaards, University of Cape Town
Thibaud Boncourt, CNRS-CESSP, Paris
Elena Bondarouk, Radboud University Nijmegen
Catherine Boone, London School of Economics
Jens Borchert, University of Frankfurt
Fabian Borges, Cal State, San Bernardino
Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Syracuse University
Stephen Borrelli, University of Alabama
Tanja A. Börzel, Freie Universität Berlin
Sumantra Bose, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Sandra Botero, Willamette University
Eileen Hunt Botting, University of Notre Dame
Robin Bouwman, Radboud University Nijmegen
Warigia Bowman, University of Arkansas
Pamela Brandwein, University of Michigan
Jennifer Brass, Indiana University
Kirstin Brathwaite, Michigan State University
Hanna Breetz, Arizona State University
P.J. Brendese, Johns Hopkins University
John Brigham, UMass Amherst
Michael Broache, University of Tampa
Steven Brooke, University of Louisville
Jeff Brown, Guy with Smart Friends
Joseph Brown, University of Massachusetts Boston
Nathan J. Brown, George Washington University
Jason Brownlee, University of Texas at Austin
Rex Brynen, McGill University
Susan Buck-Morss, Cornell University
Matt Buehler, University of Tennessee
Michael Buehler, SOAS, University of London
Anna Bull, University of Bath
Matthew Burbank, University of Utah
John Burke, University of Vermont
Jo-Marie Burt, George Mason University
Tim Buthe, Duke University
Mark Button, University of Utah
Keith Bybee, Syracuse University
Marco Calaresu, University of Sassari
Anna Calasanti, University of New Mexico
Ernesto Calvo, University of Maryland
Edwin Camp, Dartmouth College
Susanna Campbell, The Graduate Institute, Geneva
Christopher Candland, Wellesley College
Giovanni Capoccia, University of Oxford
Sheila Carapico, University of Richmond
Teri Caraway, University of Minnesota
Giovanni Carbone, Università degli Studi di Milano
Joseph Carens, University of Toronto
Matthew Carnes, Georgetown University
Dan Carpenter, Harvard University
Austin Carson, University of Chicago
Gretchen Casper, Penn State University
Brian Caterino, Independent Scholar
Kathleen Cavanaugh, National Unv of Ireland
Fatih Çetin, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Taesuh Cha, Johns Hopkins University
Priya Chacko, University of Adelaide
Sarah Chartock, The College of New Jersey
Jonathan Chausosky, State University of New York at Fredonia
Jeff Checkel, Simon Fraser University
Nic Cheeseman, University of Oxford
Cheng Chen, University at Albany, SUNY
Cher Chen, George Mason University
Xi Chen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Christine Cheng, King's College London
Erica Chenoweth, University of Denver
Andrew Cheon, Johns Hopkins University SAIS
Laryssa Chomiak, Centre D'Etudes Maghrebines a Tunis
Ja Ian Chong, National University of Singapore
Thomas Christensen, Princeton University
Erin Chung, Johns Hopkins University
Patrick Ciaschi, New School for Social Research
George Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University
Sabri Ciftci, Kansas State University
John W. Cioffi, University of California, Riverside
Kelly Clancy, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Nick Clark, Susquehanna University
Phil Clark, SOAS, University of London
Cornell Clayton, Washington State University
Rachael Cobb, Suffolk University
Danielle Cohen, Cornell University
Elizabeth Cohen, Syracuse
Alyson Cole, Queens College & the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Kathleen Collins, University of Minnesota
William Connolly, Johns Hopkins
Maria Lorena Cook, Cornell University
Joseph Cooper, Johns Hopkins
Javier Corrales, Amherst College
Rose Corrigan, Drexel University
Carlos Costa, Wright state university
Katherine Cramer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jesse Crane-Seeber, North Carolina State University
Kerry Crawford, James Madison University
Chris Crews, New School for Social Research
Aurel Croissant, Heidelberg University
Justin Crowe, Williams College
Stephen Crowley, Oberlin College
Barbara Cruikshank, University of Massachusetts
Consuelo Cruz, Tufts University
Zsuzsa Csergo, Queen's University, Canada
Jennifer Culbert, Johns Hopkins University
Pepper Culpepper, European University Institute
James Curry, University of Utah
Devon Curtis, University of Cambridge
Adam Dahl, Sewanee: The University of the South
Mark Daku, McGill University
Sarah Daly, University of Notre Dame
Karam Dana, University of Washington Bothell
Anna Danielsson, Uppsala University
Keith Darden, American University
Geeti Das, New School for Social Research
Christian Davenport, University of Michigan
Jamie Davidson, National University of Singapore
Louise Davidson-Schmich, University of Miami
Justine Davis, University of California Berkeley
Michael Dawson, University of Chicago
Christopher Day, College of Charleston
Anjali Dayal, Fordham University
Erica De Bruin, Hamilton College
Maryam Deloffre, Arcadia University
Michele DeMary, Susquehanna University
Magdalena Dembinska, Université de Montréal
Olivier Dembinski, UTBM
Nandini Deo, Lehigh University
Georgi Derluguian, New York University Abu Dhabi
Michael Desch, Notre Dame
Marie-Eve Desrosiers, University of Ottawa
Sandra Destradi, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Ruth Deyermond, King's College London
Bruce Dickson, George Washington University
Joshua Dienstag, UCLA
Mary Dietz, Northwestern university
Matthias Dilling, University of Oxford
Andrew Dilts, Loyola Marymount University
Robert Dingwall, Nottingham Trent University
Jennifer Dixon, Villanova University
Jennifer Dodge, University at Albany - SUNY
Dana Dolan, George Mason University
Maureen Donaghy, Rutgers University
Thomas Doyle, Texas State University
Daniel Drezner, Tufts University
Jennifer Driscoll, University of Washington
Jesse Driscoll, University of California San Diego
Cooper Drury, University of Missouri
John Dryzek, University of Canberra
Ken Dubin, Anglia Ruskin University
Sophie Duchesne, CNRS, Nanterre University
Pascale Dufour, University of Montreal
Brent Durbin, Smith College
Raymond Duvall, University of Minnesota
Daniel Dye, American University
Bianca Easterly, Lamar University
Joshua Eastin, Portland State University
Kent Eaton, University of California, Santa Cruz
Tim Edmunds, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol
Dan Ehlke, SUNY-Downstate School of Public Health
Sebastian Elischer, University of Florida
Sarah El-Kazaz, Oberlin College
Antje Ellermann, University of British Columbia
John Entelis, Fordham University
Laura Ephraim, Williams College
Charles Epp, University of Kansas
Josefina Erikson, Department of Government, Uppsala University
Matthew Evangelista, Cornell University
Allison Evans, Western New Mexico University
Alec Ewald, University of Vermont
Christina Ewig, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kristin Fabbe, Harvard Business School
Bridget K. Fahey, Syracuse University
Tasha Fairfield, London School of Economics
Tulia Falleti, University of Pennsylvania
Evan Farr, Lewis & Clark College
Theo Farrell, King's College London
Florence Faucher, Sciences Po
Michaele Ferguson, University of Colorado at Boulder
Belén Fernández Milmanda, Harvard University
Ariana Fernandez Muñoz, University of Toronto
Élise Féron, University of Tampere
Maurizio Ferrera, University of Milano
Bonnie Field, Bentley University
Janice Fine, Rutgers University
Leslie Finger, Harvard University
Evgeny Finkel, George Washington University
Orfeo Fioretos, Temple University
Robert M. Fishman, Carlos III University, Madrid
Kimberley Fletcher, San Diego State University (SDSU)
Hernán Flom, University of California, Berkeley
Joseph Florence, Cornell University
Edmund Fong, University of Utah
David Forrest, Arizona State University
Diego Fossati, Cornell University
David Fott, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Vincent Foucher, International Crisis Group & Centre National de la Recherche Scientifiquee
Jane Fountain, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jonathan Fox, American University
Megan Francis, University of Washington
Jason Frank, Cornell University
Jill Frank, Cornell University
M. Taylor Fravel, MIT
Valerie Freeland, Wheaton College/Loyola University
Kevin Fridy, University of Tampa
Amy Fried, Political Science
Eben Friedman, Independent Scholar
Rebekka Friedman, King's College London
John Froitzheim, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mervyn Frost, King's College, London
Samantha Frost, University of Illinois
Paul Frymer, Princeton University
Lee Ann Fujii, University of Toronto
Mayumi Fukushima, MIT
Douglas Fuller, Zhejiang University
Amanda Fulmer, University of Washington
Courtney Fung, The University of Hong Kong
Emily Gade, University of Washington
Chip Gagnon, Ithaca College
David Galbreath, University of Bath, UK
Mary Gallagher, University of Michigan
Carol Jean Gallo, Cambridge University
Daniel Galvin, Northwestern University
Gerald Gamm, University of Rochester
Triveni Gandhi, Cornell University
Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University, Bloomington
Candelaria Garay, Harvard University
Markus Gastinger, Technische Universität Dresden
Leah Gates, American University
Jacqueline Gehring, Allegheny College
Mneesha Gellman, Emerson College
Vladimir Gel'man, European University at St.Petersburg
Julie George, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Malte Gephart, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Jessica Giandomenico, Uppsala University
Clark Gibson, University of California, San Diego
Edward Gibson, Northwestern University
Lilach Gilady, University of Toronto
Emily Gill, Bradley University
Agustina Giraudy, American University
Rachel Gisselquist, United Nations University UNU-WIDER
Elise Giuliano, Columbia University
Tim Glawion, German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Siri Gloppen, University of Bergen
Simone Gobien, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Stacie Goddard, Wellesley College
Christian Goebel, Vienna University
Agustin Goenaga, Lund University
Catherine Goetze, University of Sussex
Benjamin Goldfrank, Seton Hall University
Harvey Goldman, University of California, San Diego
Loren Goldman, Ohio University
Sheldon Goldman, University of Massachusetts at Amherstst
Avery Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania
Francisco E. Gonzalez, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS
Yanilda Gonzalez, Harvard University
Ezequiel Gonzalez Ocantos, University of Oxford
Paul Goode, University of Bath
Michael Goodhart, University of Pittsburgh
Sara Goodman, University of California Irvine
Lilly Goren, Carroll University
Dmitry Gorenburg, Harvard University
Marie Gottschalk, University of Pennsylvania
Peter Gourevitch, UCSD
Elif Gozler, University of Exeter
Ilene Grabel, Josef Korbel School of Int'l Studies, University of Denver
Erin Graham, Drexel University
Alyssa Grahame, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Judith Grant, Ohio University
Ryan Grauer, University of Pittsburgh
Julia Grauvogel, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Brendan Green, University of Cincinnati
Samuel Greene, King's College London
Anne Greenleaf, University of Washington
Diana Greenwald, University of Michigan
Scott Greer, University of Michigan
Sheena Chestnut Greitens, University of Missouri
Melissa Griffith, University of California, Berkeley
Arman Grigoryan, Lehigh University
Lori Helene Gronich, George Washington University
Andrew Grossman, Albion College
Anna Grzymala-Busse, University of Michigan
Lei Guang, San Diego State University
Yvan Guichaoua, University of Kent
Catherine Guisan, University of Minnesota
Stefano Guzzini, Uppsala University & PUC-Rio de Janeiro
Jacob Hacker, Yale University
Oded Haklai, Queen's University
Henry Hale, George Washington University
Peter A. Hall, Harvard University
Kikue Hamayotsu, Northern Illinois University
Shahar Hameiri, Murdoch University
Heather Hamill, University of Oxford
Michael Hanchard, Johns Hopkins University
Kathleen Hancock, Colorado School of Mines
Kyle Hanniman, Queen's University
Stig Jarle Hansen, NMBU, Norway
Stephen Hanson, College of William & Mary
Heidi Hardt, University of California, Irvine
Robin Harper, York College CUNY
Christine Harrington, NYU
Jonathan Hartlyn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alexandra Hartman, University College London
Ian Hartshorn, University of Nevada, Reno
Ron Hassner, U.C. Berkeley
Ronald Hatto, Sciences-Po Paris
Mary Hawkesworth, Rutgers University
Kirk Hawkins, Brigham Young University
Jarrod Hayes, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jacqueline L. Hazelton, Naval War College
Yinan He, Lehigh University
James Heilman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Stephen Hellman, York University
Julia Hellwege, University of New Mexico
Andrés Henao Castro, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Laura A. Henry, Bowdoin College
Gary Herrigel, University of Chicago
Meagn Hershey, Whitworth University
Steffen Hertog, LSE
Allen Hicken, Univesity of Michigan
Barbara Hicks, New College of Florida
Ronald Hikel, Hampshire Consulting
Lisa Hilbink, University of Minnesota
Suzanne Hindmarch, University of New Brunswick
Eric Hines, University of Montana
Magda Hinojosa, Arizona State University
Annika Hinze, Fordham University
Herbert Hirsch, Virginia Commonwealth university
Nancy Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania
Nancy Hite-Rubin, Tufts
Kathryn Hochstetler, University of Waterloo
Bert Hoffmann, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Stephanie Hofmann, Graduate Institute, Geneva
Alisha Holland, Harvard University
Vivian Hollifield, Strayer University
Carolyn Holmes, Bucknell University
Richard Holtzman, Bryant University
Bonnie Honig, Brown University
Lauren Honig, Cornell University
Juliet Hooker, University of Texas at Austin
Amelia Hoover Green, Drexel University
Jonathan Hopkin, London School of Economics
Dirk Horn, University of California, Irvine
Germaine HOSTON, University of California, San Diego
Richard Houessou, Ireep
Lise Howard, Georgetown University
Marc Howard, Georgetown University
Timothy Hoyt, US Naval War College
Olimpija Hristova Zaevska, Central European University
Roselyn Hsueh, Temple University
Mala Htun, University of New Mexico
Evelyne Huber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Valerie M. Hudson, Texas A&M University
Llewelyn Hughes, Australian National University
Victoria Hui, University of Notre Dame
Karen Hult, Virginia Tech
Eric Hundman, University of Chicago
Wendy Hunter, University of Texas
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Northwestern University
William Hurst, Northwestern University
John Hutchinson, London School of Economics
Julie Hwang, Goucher College
Jacques Hymans, University of Southern California
Syeda ShahBano Ijaz, New York University
G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University
Michael Illuzzi, Lesley University
Jill Irvine, University of Oklahoma
Turkuler Isiksel, Columbia University
Nicolas Jabko, Johns Hopkins University
Van Jackson, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Alan Jacobs, University of British Columbia
Lawrence Jacobs, University of Minnesota
Matthew Jacobsmeier, West Virginia University
Gary Jacobsohn, University of Texas at Austin
Amaney Jamal, Princeton University
Alix Jansen, New School for Social Research
Kyle Jaros, Harvard Kennedy School
Matthew Jarvis, California State University, Fullerton
Maiah Jaskoski, Northern Arizona University
Beatrice Jauregui, University of Toronto
Debra Javeline, University of Notre Dame
Kanishka Jayasuriya, University of Adelaide
Kathleen Jennings, University of Oslo
Corinna Jentzsch, Leiden University
Robert Jervis, Columbia University
Pernilla Johansson, University of California, Irvine
Carolina Johnson, University of Washington
James Johnson, University of Rochester
Juliet Johnson, McGill University
Martha Johnson, Mills College
Natalie Johnson, Francis Marion University
Iain Johnston, Harvard University
Steven Johnston, University of Utah
Bryan Jones, University of Texas
Calvert Jones, University of Maryland, College Park
Cara Jones, Mary Baldwin College
Hannah Jones, University of Warwick
Pauline Jones Luong, University of Michigan
Michael Jones-Correa, Cornell University
Sophia Jordán Wallace, Rutgers University
Tyler Jost, Harvard University
Maria Josua, German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Courtney Jung, University of Toronto
Michelle Jurkovich, University of Massachusetts Boston
Angela Kachuyevski, Arcadia University
Filiz Kahraman, University of Washington
André Kaiser, University of Cologne
Stathis Kalyvas, Yale University
Isaac Kamola, Trinity College
Roger E. Kanet, University of Miami
Alice Kang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Susan Kang, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY
Daniel Kapust, UW Madison
Ekrem Karakoc, Binghamton University
Mark Kaswan, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Richard Katz, Johns Hopkins University
Mary Fainsod Katzenstein, Cornell University
Peter Katzenstein, Cornell University
Robert Kaufman, Rutgers University
Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Whitman College
Leila Kawar, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Margaret Keck, Johns Hopkins University
Thomas Keck, Syracuse University
William J. Kelleher, Ph.D., Independent Scholar
Catherine Kelly, American Council of Learned Societies
Chris Kendall, University of Puget Sound
Brandon Kendhammer, Ohio University
Andrew Kennedy, Australian National University
Paul Kenny, Australian National University
Robert O. Keohane, Princeton University
Ken Kersch, Boston College
Laleh Khalili, SOAS, University of London
Ahmed Khanani, Earlham College
Peter Kingstone, King's College London
Helen Kinsella, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jennet Kirkpatrick, Arizona State University
Jonathan Kirshner, Cornell University
Kathleen Klaus, Northwestern University
Audie Klotz, Syracuse University
Jack Knight, Duke University
Kevin Koehler, American University in Cairo
Biko Koenig, The New School for Social Research
Karrie Koesel, University of Notre Dame
Atul Kohli, Princeton University
Kendra Koivu, University of New Mexico
Stephen Kosack, University of Washington
Dominika Koter, Colgate University
Barnett Koven, The George Washington University
Jana Krause, King's College London
Keith Krause, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
Peter Krause, Boston College
Nadiya Kravets, Harvard University
Ronald Krebs, University of Minnesota
Jonathan Krieckhaus, University of Missouri
Herbert Kritzer, University of Minnesota
Sonia Kruks, Oberlin College
Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner, Boston College
Mary Rose Kubal, St. Bonaventure University
Alan Kuperman, University of Texas at Austin
Sabine Kurtenbach, GIGA, Hamburg
Christof Kurz, International Rescue Committee
Walter Ladwig, King's College London
Melis Laebens, Yale University
Simanti Lahiri, Villanova University
Janet Laible, Lehigh University
Frank Laird, University of Denver
Milli Lake, Arizona State University
Michael Lamb, University of Oxford
Robert Lamb, Army War College
Andrew Lambert, Kings College London
Dawn Langan Teele, University of Pennsylvania
Anthony Langlois, Flinders University
Lucie Laplace, Université Lyon 2 (France)
Ryan LaRochelle, Brandeis University
Anna Law, CUNY Brooklyn College
Adria Lawrence, Yale University
Serena Laws, Trinity College, Hartford
Christopher Layne, Bush School of Govt, Texas A & M University
Genevieve LeBaron, University of Sheffield
Adrienne LeBas, American University
Richard Ned Lebow, King's College London/Dartmouth/Cambridge
Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley
Theresa Lee, University of Guelph
Michele Leiby, College of Wooster
Ashley Leinweber, Missouri State University
Ben Leiter, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Don Leonard, Tulane University
Benjamin Lessing, University of Chicago
Carl LeVan, American University
Margaret Levi, Stanford University
Daniel Levin, University Of Utah
Suzanne Levi-Sanchez, Rutgers University
Janet Lewis, US Naval Academy
David Lewis-Baker, Warwick (Retired)
Xiaojun Li, University of British Columbia
Robert Lieber, Georgetown University
Evan Lieberman, MIT
Michael Lienesch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adam Liff, Indiana University
Tracy Lightcap, LaGrange College
Eugenio Lilli, King's College London
Moses Limuwa, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU))
Jon Lindsay, University of Toronto
Jason Lindsey, St. Cloud State University
Keena Lipsitz, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Jinee Lokaneeta, Drew University
Meredith Loken, University of Washington
Austin Long, Columbia University
Stephen Long, University of Richmond
Timothy Longman, Boston University
Michael Lopate, The Ohio State University
David Lopez, University of Washington
Peter Lorentzen, University of California, Berkeley
Noora Lori, Boston University
Michael Loriaux, Northwestern University
Nicholas Lotito, Columbia University
George Lovell, University of Washington
Timothy Luke, Virginia Tech
Joseph Luna, Harvard University
Juan Pablo Luna, Instituto de Ciencia Política/PUC-Chile
Charlotte Lundgren, Linköping University
Ellen Lust, University of Gothenburg
Ian Lustick, University of Pennsylvania
Emily Luxon, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Nancy Luxon, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jason Lyall, Yale University
Cecelia Lynch, University of California, Irvine
Meghan Lynch, Temple University
Terrence Lyons, George Mason University
Willem Maas, Glendon College, York University
Richard Maass, University of Evansville
Michael MacDonald, Williams College
Yoshira Macias, UNM
Mary MacKie, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Lauren MacLean, Indiana University
Kristen Maher, San Diego State University
Tom Mahnken, US Naval War College
Joe Maiolo, King's College London
Samantha Majic, John Jay College-City University of New York
Romain Malejacq, Radboud University Nijmegen
Zachariah Mampilly, Vassar College
Devorah Manekin, Arizona State University
Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University
Karuna Mantena, Yale University
Giovanni Mantilla, CIDE, Mexico City
Patchen Markell, University of Chicago
Irving Markovitz, Queens College and The Graduate Center of CUNY
Zoe Marks, University of Edinburgh
Renée Marlin-Bennett, Johns Hopkins University
Ruth Marshall, University of Toronto
Lori Marso, Union College
Kimberly Marten, Barnard College, Columbia University
Cathie Jo Martin, Boston University
Susan Martin, King's College London
Dean Mathiowetz, University of California, Santa Cruz
Reo Matsuzaki, Trinity College
Felicity Matthews, University of Sheffield
Matthias Matthijs, Johns Hopkins University SAIS
Lucy Mayblin, University of Sheffield
Lindsay Mayka, Colby College
Nimah Mazaheri, Tufts University
Dorothy McBride, Florida Atlantic University
Keally McBride, University of San Francisco
Michael McCann, University of Washington
Cynthia McClintock, George Washington University
John McCormick, U. Chicago
Eileen McDonagh, Northeastern University
Duncan McDonnell, Griffith University
Gwen McEvoy, Nazarbayev University
Eric McGlinchey, George Mason University
Sean McGraw, University of Notre Dame
Kristin McKie, St. Lawrence University
Utz McKnight, University of Alabama
Theodore McLauchlin, Université de Montréal
Kevin McMahon, Trinity College
Kathleen McNamara, Georgetown University
Stephanie McNulty, Franklin and Marshall College
John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago
Uday Mehta, Graduate Center, CUNY
Patrick A. Mello, Technische Universität Dresden
Nicole Mellow, Williams College
Jeremy Menchik, Boston University
Barak Mendelsohn, Haverford College
Carol Mershon, University of Virginia
Andrew Mertha, Cornell University
Suzanne Mettler, Cornell University
Tamara Metz, Reed College
John Meyer, Humboldt State University
Eli Meyerhoff, Duke University
Veronica Michel, CUNY-John Jay College
Jamila Michener, Cornell University
Kevin Middlebrook, University College London
Char Miller, George Mason University
Lisa Miller, Rutgers University
Manjari Chatterjee Miller, Boston University
Matthew Mitchell, Saint Paul University
Kieran Mitton, King's College London
Sizwebanzi Mngomezulu, New York University
Eduardo Moncada, Barnard College, Columbia University
Aurelien Mondon, University of Bath
Kristen Monroe, University of Califormia, Irvine
Françoise Montambeault, Université de Montréal
Nuno Monteiro, Yale University
Alexander Montgomery, Reed College
Celeste Montoya, University of Colorado Boulder
Eric Montpetit, Université de Montréal
Matthew Moore, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Kimberly Morgan, George Washington University
Lee Morgenbessser, Griffith University
K C Morrison, Mississippi State University
Yonatan Morse, Georgetown University
Julie Mostov, Drexel University
Lama Mourad, University of Toronto
Donald Moynihan, University of Wisconsin Madison
Russell Muirhead, Dartmouth
Rohan Mukherjee, MIT
Shivaji Mukherjee, University of Toronto
Dipali Mukhopadhyay, Columbia University
Farhad Mukhtarov, ADA University
Corinna Mullin, London Middle East Institute, SOAS
Kanta Murali, University of Toronto
Andrew Murphy, Rutgers University
Craig Murphy, Wellesley College
Navine Murshid, Colgate University
Ilia Murtazashvili, University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Murtazashvili, University of Pittsburgh
Muhammad Mushtaq, University of Gujrat, Pakistan
Brian Muzas, Seton Hall University
C. Daniel Myers, University of Minnesota
Ella Myers, University of Utah
Rhea Myerscough, University of California, Berkeley
Emily Nacol, Vanderbilt University
Eli Nadeau, The New School for Social Research
Monika Nalepa, University of Chicago
Vipin Narang, MIT
Terry Nardin, National University of Singapore
Adnan Naseemullah, King's College London
Carol Nechemias, Penn State Harrisburg
Dani Nedal, Georgetown University
Amy Nelson, Council on Foreign Relations
Matthew Nelson, SOAS, University of London
Catharine Newbury, Smith College
William Newmann, Virginia Commonwealth University
Akasemi Newsome, University of California, Berkeley
Ting Ni, University of California, Berkeley
Sebin Nidhiri, Public Affairs Centre
Sara Niedzwiecki, University of New Mexico
Rebecca Nielsen, Texas A&M University
Karin Norman, Stockholm university
Ludvig Norman, Uppsala University
Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania
Julie Novkov, University at Albany, SUNY
Salih Nur, University of Gothenburg
Enzo Nussio, Stockholm University
Nicola Nymalm, Swedish Institute of International Affairs
Pär Nyman, Uppsala University
Thomas Oatley, UNC Chapel Hill
Cheryl O'Brien, San Diego State University
Erin O'Brien, University of Massachusetts Boston
Rachel Odell, MIT
Ronnie Olesker, St. Lawrence University
Joseph O'Mahoney, Seton Hall University
Charlene Orchard, University of Utah
Ido Oren, University of Florida
John Owen, University of Virginia
Michael Leo Owens, Emory University
Timothy Pachirat, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Agnieszka Paczynska, George Mason University
Emily Paddon Rhoads, European University Institute
Sumita Pahwa, Scripps College
Jeffrey Paller, Columbia University
Chengxin Pan, Deakin University
Thomas Pangle, U. of Texas at Austin
Joseph Parent, University of Miami
Sarah E. Parkinson, University of Minnesota
Robert Parks, Centre d'Études Maghrébines en Algérie
Craig Parsons, University of Oregon
David Patel, Brandeis University
Carole Pateman, UCLA
Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University
Asli Peker, New York University
Tom Pepinsky, Cornell University
Terri Peretti, Santa Clara University
Clarisa Perez-Armendariz, Bates College
Evan Perkoski, University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Perry, Harvard University
Robert Person, United States Military Academy
Mateja Peter, St Andrews University
MJ Peterson, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Susan Peterson, College of William & Mary
Margarita Petrova, IBEI
Stacey Philbrick Yadav, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Christian Phillips, UC Berkeley
Nicola Phillips, University of Sheffield
Giulia Piccolino, German Instite of Global and Area Studies
Paula Pickering, College of William and Mary
Paul Pierson, University of California, Berkeley
Mara Pillinger, George Washington University
Erin Pineda, University of Chicago
Jessica Piombo, Naval Postgraduate School
David Pion-Berlin, University of California Riverside
Jessica Pisano, New School for Social Research
Jennifer Piscopo, Occidental College
Anne Pitcher, University of Michigan
Jennifer Pitts, University of Chicago
Elizabeth Plantan, Cornell University
Joshua Plencner, Drexel University
Luke Plotica, Virginia Tech
David Plotke, The New School
Mark Pollack, Temple University
Heather Pool, Denison University
Maria Popova, McGill University
Elliot Posner, Case Western Reserve University
Amy Poteete, Concordia University
John Pottenger, University of Alabama in Huntsville
G. Bingham Powell, University of Rochester
Kathy Powers, University of New Mexico
Michael Poznansky, University of Virginia
Deepa Prakash, DePauw University
Sarah Pralle, Syracuse University
Simon Pratt, University of Toronto
Jennifer Pribble, University of Richmond
Kimala Price, San Diego State University
Wilson Prichard, University of Toronto
Miriam Prys, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Robert Putnam, Harvard University
Paul Quirk, University of British Columbia
Paloma Raggo, Carleton University
Ricardo Ramirez, University of Notre Dame
Leigh Raymond, Purdue University
Ben Read, University of California, Santa Cruz
Robert Reardon, NC State University
Mark Redhead, California State University, Fullerton
Adolph Reed, University of Pennsylvania
Salvador Santino F. Jr. Regilme, Northern Illinois University
Carrie Reiling, University of California, Irvine
Mark Reinhardt, Williams College
Elizabeth Remick, Tufts University
Thomas Remington, Emory University
Karen Remmer, DUke University
William Reno, Northwestern University
Marie-Eve Reny, Université de Montréal
Maria Repnikova, University of Pennsylvania
Sandra Resodihardjo, Radboud University
Christian Reus-Smit, University of Queensland
Jesse Rhodes, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
James Richter, Bates College
Thomas Richter, GIGA Hamburg
Jacob Ricks, Singapore Management University
Rachel Beatty Riedl, Northwestern University
Nils Ringe, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas Risse, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Ken Roberts, Cornell University
Stephen Roblin, Cornell University
Meredith Rolfe, University of Massachusetts- Amherst
David Romano, Missouri State University
Amit Ron, Arizona State University
Stefano Ronchi, University of Cologne
Ben Rosamond, University of Copenhagen
Sebastian Rosato, Notre Dame
Deondra Rose, Duke University
Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale University
Steven Rosenzweig, Yale University
Stephan Rosiny, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg
Michael Ross, UCLA
Bo Rothstein, Oxford University
Brahim Rouabah, American Institute for Maghrib Studies
Joshua Rovner, SMU
Lawrence Rubin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bahar Rumelili, Koc University
Jessie Rumsey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sanjay Ruparelia, New School for Social Research
Sara Rushing, Montana State University
Holly Ryan, University of Sheffield
Martha Saavedra, University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Sabl, Yale University
Jennifer Sacco, Quinnipiac University
Stephen Saideman, Carleton University
Chris Saladino, Virginia Commonwealth University
Robert Saldin, University of Montana
Steven Samford, University of Toronto
Anna Sampaio, Santa Clara University
Ingrid Samset, Leiden University
Thania Sanchez, Yale University
Raul Sanchez Urribarri, La Trobe University, Melbourne
Shannon Sanchez-Youngman, University of New Mexico
Elizabeth Sanders, Cornell University
Adam Sandor, University of Ottawa
Anoop Sarbahi, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Marian Sawer, Australian National University
Ryan Saylor, University of Tulsa
Andy Scerri, Virginia Tech
Michael Schaatzberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hindy Schachter, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fred Schaffer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Edward Schatz, University of Toronto
Andreas Schedler, CIDE, Mexico City
Caress Schenk, Nazarbaev University
Thomas Scherer, US Institue of Peace
William E. Scheuerman, Indiana University
Sebastian Schmidt, Johns Hopkins
Olivier Schmitt, University of Southern Denmark
Ben Schneider, MIT
Cathy Schneider, American University
Mark Schneider, Swarthmore College
Gordon Schochet, Rutgers University -- Emeritus
Sanford Schram, Hunter College, CUNY
Andrew Schrank, Brown University
Ronnee Schreiber, San Diego State University
Tyler Schuenemann, University of Massachusetts Amherst
John Schuessler, Air War College
Tobias Schulze-Cleven, Rutgers University
Michael Schwan, University of Cologne
Joseph Schwartz, Temple University
Stephanie Schwartz, Columbia University
Peregrine Schwartz-Shea, University of Utah
Tanya Schwarz, University of California, Irvine
Jillian Schwedler, Hunter College (CUNY)
Randall Schweller, Ohio State University
Suzanne Scoggins, UC Berkeley
James Scott, Yale University
Donald Searing, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jason Seawright, Northwestern University
Laura Seay, Colby College
Jennifer Seelig, University of Utah
Joel Selway, Brigham young university
Guillermina Seri, Union College
Lee Seymour, Université de Montréal
Ken Shadlen, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Ian Shapiro, Yale University
Kam Shapiro, Illinois State University
Sardar Sharif, University of Duhok
Libby Sharrow, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Adam Sheingate, Johns Hopkins University
Nadav Shelef, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Anastasia Shesterinina, Yale University
Oxana Shevel, Tufts University
Joshua Shifrinson, Bush School, Texas A&M University
Kay Shimizu, University of Pittsburgh
George Shulman, Gallatin School/New York University
Niloufer Siddiqui, Yale University
John Sidel, London School of Economics and Political Science
Andrew Sidman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Markus Siewert, Goethe University Frankfurt
Rudra Sil, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Silva, University of Warwick
Eduardo Silva, Tulane University
Erica Simmons, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Andre Simonyi, The New School
Gyda Sindre, University of Cambridge
Naunihal Singh, Air War College
Eric Sippert, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Elton Skendaj, University of Miami
Theda Skocpol, Harvard University
Dan Slater, University of Chicago
Benjamin Smith, University of Florida
Craig Damian Smith, University of Toronto
Lahra Smith, Georgetown University
Nicholas Rush Smith, City University of New York - City College
Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania
William Smith, University of Miami
Erin Snider, Texas A&M University, Bush School
Richard Snyder, Brown University
Johanna Söderström, Uppsala university
Nikolai Sokov, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Mitchel Sollenberger, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Ty Solomon, University of Glasgow
Chana Solomon-Schwartz, George Washington University
Sarah Song, UC Berkeley
Joe Soss, University of Minnesota
Paolo Spada, University of Southampton
Holloway Sparks, Emory University
Valerie Sperling, Clark University
Jennifer Spindel, University of Minnesota
Scott Spitzer, California State University, Fullerton
Josh Stacher, Kent State University
Matthias Staisch, University of Chicago
Lisa Stampnitzky, University of Sheffield
Paul Staniland, University of Chicago
Liam Stanley, University of Sheffield
William Stanley, University of New Mexico
Patricia Stapleton, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Devin Stauffer, University of Texas
Jason Stearns, Center on International Cooperation, New York University
Viviana Stechina, Uppsala University
Abbey Steele, University of Amsterdam
Jessica Steinberg, Indiana University
Rachel Stern, University of California, Berkeley
Jacqueline Stevens, Northwestern University
Scott Straus, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Dara Z. Strolovitch, Princeton University
Sherrill Stroschein, University College London
Joerg Struebing, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Michael Struett, North Carolina State University
Georg Strüver, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Celina Su, CUNY Graduate Center
Lila Suboh, New York University
Jelena Subotic, Georgia State University
Elkheir Suliman, Center for Sudanese Studies
Terry Sullivan, UNC Chapel Hill
Lisa Sundstrom, University of British Columbia
Ora Szekely, Clark University
Ben Tafoya, Walden University
Yuhki Tajima, Georgetown University
Jeffrey W. Taliaferro, Tufts University
Caitlin Talmadge, The George Washington University
Nicholas Tampio, Fordham University
Oisin Tansey, King's College London
Nathan Tarcov, University of Chicago
Sidney Tarrow, Cornell University
Dillon Tatum, The George Washington University
Steven Tauber, University of South Florida
Brian Taylor, Syracuse University
Matthew Taylor, American University
Scott Taylor, Georgetown University
Whitney Taylor, Cornell University
Jessica Teets, Middlebury College
Steven Teles, Johns Hopkins University
Juan Tellez, Duke University
Mark Tessler, University of Michigan
Güneş Murat Tezcür, University of Central Florida
Tariq Thachil, Yale University
Gregory Thaler, Cornell University
Kai Thaler, Harvard University
Kathleen Thelen, MIT
Ulrike Theuerkauf, University of East Anglia
Megan Thomas, University of California, Santa Cruz
Melanee Thomas, University of Calgary
Debra Thompson, Northwestern University
Martyn Thompson, Tulane University
Vita Thormann, GIGA Hamburg
Chloe Thurston, Northwestern University
Alvin Tillery, Northwestern University
Mark Tilton, Purdue University
Liv Tonnessen, Chr.Michelsen Institute (cmi)
Keith Topper, University of California, Irvine
Van Tran, Cornell University
Aris Trantidis, George Mason University
Candice Travis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Phil Triadafilopoulos, University of Toronto
Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jessica Trisko Darden, American University
Alexei Trochev, Nazarbayev University
Rebekah Tromble, Leiden University
Peter Trubowitz, London School of Economics
Nhu Truong, McGill University
Kellee Tsai, Johns Hopkins University
Maya Tudor, University of Oxford
Jeffrey Tulis, University of Texas at Austin
Robin Turner, Butler University
Judy Twigg, Virginia Commonwealth University
Milada Vachudova, UNC Chapel Hill
Mark Vail, Tulane University
Richard Valelly, Swarthmore College
Nic van de Walle, Cornell University
Maurits van der Veen, College of William & Mary
Stephen Van Evera, MIT
Stephen Van Holde, Kenyon College
Merlijn van Hulst, Tilburg University
Lisa Vanhala, University College London
Andrés Vargas, Yale University
Monica Varsanyi, CUNY
Kristin Vekasi, University of Maine
Sidney Verba, Harvard
Leonardo Villalon, University of Florida
Koen Vlassenroot, Ghent University
Steven Vogel, University of California, Berkeley
Sarah von Billerbeck, University of Reading
Jeremy Wallace, Cornell University
Denise Walsh, University of Virginia
Stephen Walt, Harvard University
Brian Wampler, Boise State University
Marcus Wangel, Uppsala University
Ann Ward, University of Regina
James D. Ward, Mississippi University for Women
Steven Ward, Cornell University
Carolyn Warner, Arizona State University
Mark Warren, University of Massachusetts Boston
Mark Warren, University of British Columbia
Stephen Wasby, University at Albany-SUNY
Myra Waterbury, Ohio University
Sara Watson, Ohio State University
Lucan Way, University of Toronto
Vesla Weaver, Yale University
Edward Webb, Dickinson College
Lisa Wedeen, University of Chicago
David Weimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scott Weiner, George Washington University
Michael Weintraub, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Margaret Weir, Brown University
Jessica Weiss, Cornell University
Meredith Weiss, University at Albany, SUNY
David Welch, University of Waterloo
Winston Wells, Illinois College
Bridget Welsh, Ipek University
Susanne Wengle, Notre Dame
Kurt Weyland, University of Texas at Austin
Beth Elise Whitaker, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Stephen White, University of Virginia
Amber Wichowsky, Marquette University
Katinka Wijsman, New School for Social Research
Martha Wilfahrt, Northwestern University
David Williams, DePaul University
Eliza Willis, Grinnell College
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, University of California, Irvine
Jason Wilson, Georgetown University
Scott Wilson, University of the South
Stacey-Ann Wilson, University of the West Indies, Mona
Susanna Wing, Haverford College
Stephen Winkler, University of Washington
Jeffrey Winters, Northwestern University
Daniel Wirls, University of California, Santa Cruz
Elizabeth Wishnick, Montclair State University
William Wohlforth, Dartmouth
Diane Wong, Cornell University
Wendy Wong, University of Toronto
Elisabeth Jean Wood, Yale University
Deva Woodly, The New School
David Woodruff, London School of Economics and Political Science
Susan Woodward, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Teresa Wright, California State University, Long Beach
Priscilla Yamin, University of Oregon
Dvora Yanow, Wageningen University
Deborah J. Yashar, Princeton University
Andrew Yeo, Catholic University of America
Amanda Zadorian, New School for Social Research
Marie-Joelle Zahar, Université de Montréal
Alex Zakaras, University of Vermont
Sherry Zaks, University of California, Berkeley
Ayşe Zarakol, University of Cambridge
Eric Zeemering, Northern Illinois University
Amos Zehavi, Tel Aviv University
Basileus Zeno, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Chris Zepeda-Millan, UC Berkeley
Linda Zerilli, University of Chicago
Cyrus Zirakzadeh, University of Connecticut

[The list of names includes the approximately 1,173 people who signed as of November 12, 4:15 pm EST.]
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