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Bay Area Entrepreneurship Navigator
Welcome to the Bay Area Entrepreneurship Navigator! After submitting your answers to the questions below, you will receive:

(1) A one-on-one Navigation session with one of our Bay Area Entrepreneurship Navigators. In this session, you'll review a customized list of resources and develop a Roadmap of next steps. The more questions you answer, the stronger the customized list will be.

(2) Access to a system for tracking your progress as you grow your business. We will periodically follow up with you to re-assess the health of your business and make further referrals.

The Bay Area Entrepreneurship Navigator is brought to you by the ALLIANCE for Community Development ( The answers you provide will not be shared with any entity or individual without your consent. If you have any questions or comments, send an email to Lead Navigator, or text/call 510-319-9702. We appreciate feedback.

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1. Please briefly describe your business or business idea in 1-2 sentences.
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2. What is your business name, if any?
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2. Which of the following best describes where you are with your business?
3. What does your business sell?
4. What zip code(s) is your business based in?
If you do not have specific zip codes of operation, please provide the neighborhood, city, and/or county.
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5. How much money did your business make in the last 12 months?
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6. How many employees does your business have, if any?
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7. How long have you been in business?
8. Does your business target any specific industries and/or markets?
9. What resources have you used to grow your business to date?
Examples include: training programs, mentorship programs, incubators, accelerators, funders, lenders, etc.
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10. Please prioritize the type of support you think you need (if any).
Priority 1 (most urgent)
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4 (least urgent)
Business support (incubation/acceleration, training programs
Personal support (mentorship, networks, etc.)
Financial support (loans, investment, etc.)
Environmental support (co-working spaces, advocacy organizations, etc.)
11. Are you looking for technical assistance?
Please check all that apply.
12. Are you capital ready? Are you ready to receive funding for your business?
13. How much time do you have available to work on your business?
14. What are your six-month goals?
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15. What are your three-year goals?
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Some resources and services exist for specific demographic groups.
How would you describe yourself? Please check all that apply.
What zip code do you live in?
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To which gender identity do you most identify?
Do you consider yourself to be LGBTQ?
Do you identify as transgender?
We collect this information in order to provide anonymized statistics about the prevalence of transgender entrepreneurs in the Bay Area to service providers and funders.
Do you identify as an immigrant?
We collect this information in order to provide anonymized statistics about the prevalence of immigrant entrepreneurs in the Bay Area to service providers and funders.
What is your birthdate?
How many people live in your household?
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Do you have other income to support you other than your business income?
What was your most recent annual household income?
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Additional Notes:
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How did you hear about us?
Who did you hear about us from (if a person/entity)?
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Any feedback for us?
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Thank you!
Please schedule a navigation session with our Navigator to review a customized list of resources.
Scheduling link: Please book your navigation session at least two business days out from today to give us time to prepare your resource roadmap.
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