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2018 Kitten Tail for Oversea
Hello. I’m Two Moons♡

To welcome the winter season and the coming year of 2018 I decided to release a winter kit.
Hoping that your days are filled with warm and happiness with Sehun with Kitten Tail.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a member or not.
Please read below for more details.
(For inquiries please post them in the Q&A board.)


* payment : Dec 01-
* Shipping : Mid November.



190*260 (mm) B5 size - bigger than the usual size / Vertical table calendar / colored / double-faced / 32p±
Photos are from 2017 up to the latest schedule.

* Special gifts

Oversea - Pin badge, Photo ticket.

All - Postcard Set, Photocard Set, Seoson's fanart Sticker, Transperent photocard,
Color metal sticker


* Calendar : 23 USD + Shipping fee (EMS fee or Domestic shipping fee)

1ea : 23,000KRW / 23 USD + Shipping fee
2ea : 46,000KRW / 46 USD + Shipping fee
3ea : 69,000KRW / 69 USD + Shipping fee
4ea : 92,000KRW / 92 USD + Shipping fee

★You MUST add shipping fee.
About Shipping fee, please contact in QNA board.

After the payment please fill out the order form.
An email will be send when the payment is confirmed.

* Bank Account : Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) 1994-0412-408 (NAME: TWO MOONS)

- When sending payment through paypal please set it on PERSONAL PAYMENT.
- If you use paypal, please add the paypal fee (4.3% of the total amount) or CHECK the 'I will pay the fee' button.

- There will be a further notice if there would be any changes in schedule and specifications.
- There’s no refund when all the goods are shipped.
- For International group orders please contact in QNA Board

or email me you inquiries at:

(It'll be hard for me to check twitter)

I thank all the lovely people that are going to payment, I will put all your heart
and mind in this kit for SEHUN and I will do my best to prepare!

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