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Plantzania Mini Research Project

Plantzania strives to groom students who are interested to venture in business involving technology and product-based, with the broad theme of biotechnology. The Plantzania Mini Research Project is planned to be a knowledge-based, self-experience and activity - oriented R&D project and also serve as junior entrepreneurship training program.

Stage 1 of the program is called the "Business and Exploration Potency" where they need to get their own research capital through "crowdfund" activities. Participants should promote creatively their business ideas or research products to attract investors. Each team needs to raise a minimum of RM1,000 within 30-45 days and then automatically deserves to advance to the next level. At this stage will show the level of students’ creativity and critical thinking. This is also an early exposure to them on how to deal with the public especially investors to get recognition and support their ideas.

In Stage 2 of the program, the training will be given through "Nurturing and Coaching" way. The participants will be provided with mentoring and intensive training courses on research and also business opportunities. Furthermore, industrial visit or field trip visit will be organized so that participants will have a better understanding of the real working industry. The participants will be paired with their mentors so as to accelerate the newcomers' business startup process and also get technical advice and assistance on their research. The participants will be given three to four (3-4) months to carry out their research or lab experiments themselves on the related topics. Some of the relevant raw materials will be provided.

After professional training and guidance, the participants will be in the finals of the competition. The participants have to write the research findings as mini research journal. In Stage 3, each team has 10-15 minutes to present their research findings and potential business proposal including the Q&A session with panelists and guests. By a strict selection of panelists will choose the Young Scientist Entrepreneur Awards.

Winners will be awarded with the cash and in kind prizes on their research findings and being provided with an internship opportunity within Revongen Corporation with some training and exposure to real industry. Their mini research journals will be published in Plantzania bulletin or website. On top of that, they will have the opportunity to have a "brainstorming" session in person with several experts from local in the relevant fields that have been selected. Upon completion of program, students will receive certificate of achievement which will assist them for better employment opportunities.

Throughout the program, potential collaboration between schools and industries is greatly enhanced. The program is expected to attract many investors to use students’ research outcomes as a new business opportunity. Students have the opportunities to exploit science discovery in an interesting and meaningful way.

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