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Third Party Event Proposal Form
Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a private, no kill, 501 (c)(3), non-profit shelter, founded over 70 years ago by Beatrice Martin
Peck. Through the tireless efforts of our staff and volunteers Prairie Paws Animal Shelter’s mission is to provide
compassionate care and placement for animals in need.
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Please note Prairie Paws will create a Facebook event for our advertising use. We can share the link with you. What is the best email for the Facebook event link to be mailed to?
Are you requesting that Prairie Paws Animal Shelter bring an adoptable pet(s) to your event? Please note number of animals at the event will depend on date of event, availability of volunteers, and availability of animals. Also comfort and safety are our number one priority and specific conditions are necessary. Time spent at event with an adoptable pet is limited to 2 -3 hours and may be reduced based on the needs of the pet. Adoptable pets can be present anywhere pets are allowed and adoptions can be processed by a trained volunteer or staff adoption coordinator at any location site. *
What is the noise level of the location? (eg. loud cars, loud music, guns or cannons) We make sure that the dogs we send can handle loud noises. *
PPAS will issue donation receipts for any cash donation. If an individual has made a donation, the receipt will be issued in the name of that individual at their home address if provided. If a corporation has made the donation, and if a tax receipt is requests, the receipt will be issued in the company name at their corporate address. An individual or corporation cannot receive a donation receipt for money that was not donated by them. Receipts are issued after the money is received internally at PPAS. In Kind Donations (i.e. prizes, product): A donation receipt for income tax purposes can be issued for donations of in-kind equal to the fair market value of the property received. To process in-kind donations, PPAS needs a detailed donation form completely filled out. Goods and services not eligible for a donation receipt include purchase of items such as raffle or lottery tickets, admission tickets, golf green fees, and the cost of donated service. If you require a donation receipt to be issued to participants in your event, we ask that you include the PPAS Tax Identification Number (48-0529856) on all your publicity and that you state “tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more, or on request”. After the event, in a timely manner, please provide PPAS with a list of names, full addresses and phone number as well as the amount of gift that each individual receipted.
We understand the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter Rules and Regulations and agree to comply with them in connection with the event *
Rules and Regulation: 1. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter's name, logo and/or letterhead may not be used by any individual or organization to solicit prizes, sponsorship, underwriting or cash donations from another organization in order to support the event, promotion or sale. The use of the name of the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter may not be used in any way without written permission. The official logo may not be used without prior written approval from the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter (for more information on receiving approval please contact the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter's director.) 2. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will not solicit prizes for your event. 3. The organizer must register the event with the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter at least six (6) weeks in advance of the event. 4. An individual, company, or organization may not offer, on behalf of the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter, free tickets, advertising, or mentions in the event programs in exchange for cash donations, sponsorships, or underwriting. 5. Contributions to the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter are tax deductible less the value of goods and services received. This must be stated on the event invitation or promotion. Items sold at the event are not tax-deductible. 6. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter cannot guarantee media coverage (television, radio, or print). Contact with the media about the event or promotion may be made, provided that the host communicates with the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter about or regarding contacts or arrangements that are made. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter does not purchase advertising to promote off-site events. 7. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is not responsible for providing liability insurance for the event. Event organizers shall indemnify and hold harmless the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter from liabilities, losses, and expenses arising from the event or promotion. 8. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter cannot serve as the fiscal agent for the event, ie. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will not pay expenses for the event. In addition, event organizers must comply with all local and state laws and purchase any necessary permits and licenses. 9. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter cannot guarantee employees and/or volunteers will be available for the event. Requests for staff/volunteer assistance at the event should be made at the time of the proposal. 10. The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter reserves the right to approve any additional sponsors which are considered. 11. Prairie Paws will not guarantee shelter animals will be present at off-site events.
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For questions please contact: Business / Community Events: Cassie Myers– Community Outreach / Volunteer Coordinator Prairie Paws Animal Shelter 3173 Highway K68 Ottawa, KS 66067 785-242-2967 ext. 1107 3rd Party Event Fundraisers: Joy Beatty – Events Coordinator, Prairie Paws Animal Shelter, 3173 Hwy K 68, Ottawa, KS 66067 785-242-2967
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