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Thank you so much for interest in meeting me in Oxford! This is a form to pre-order paperbacks and/or t-shirts for the OXFORD event only. Below is a list of paperbacks I have available. Please pick which book(s) you would like to pre-order.

All purchases can be paid for prior to the event via PayPal invoice or at the event by cash or credit. If you choose to be invoiced, invoices will be sent about a week before the event... so don't panic when you don't get an invoice as soon as you place your order :)

I can't guarantee which or how many of my paperbacks I will have available for day of event purchase, so if there is a book you would really like, please fill out this form, so I can be sure to have it there and set aside for you.

All paperbacks will be $15.00 USD pre-order, $20.00 USD day of event.

T-shirts are $20.00 USD and must be pre-ordered (I will not have extra shirts on hand for day of event purchases).

I look forward to meeting you!

**Please do not fill out this form unless you are completely positive you will be attending the Oxford event.

Thank you. Much love and boob squeezes.

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If you would like to order a Meghan Quinn t-shirt, please select your size below.
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