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LoveFest 2018 - Merchant Application
LoveFest 2018 will take place August 17-26, 2018. Please consult the timetable in the Policies & Procedures section to be sure that you can meet the deadlines before submitting this application! By submitting this application, you verify that you have read and understood the LoveFest Policies & Procedures listed on the blog and in the Merchant Agreement. (

Each Merchant must supply at least one (1) new and unreleased item that is exclusive for the event duration, which corresponds to the event themes.

Lovecraft Festival Theme: The Path to Madness
(Lovecratian, horror, deep sea, dark gothic, 1930’s, flapper era, pre-WWII vintage, or depression-era Americana, other thoughts and ideas open to consideration - consult with Arik Metzger (ArikTheRed) ).


Compliance with Linden Labs TOS and Global Copyright law is a must! Infringement of copyright or TOS violation will not be tolerated and violators will be ejected from the event without notice and reported to Linden Labs.


General :

All applications will be reviewed and stores checked for compliance with Policies & Procedures. Please do not apply if you do not meet the basic criteria.

We are not going to chase after you. You are responsible to keep track of important dates, to meet payment deadlines, and to set up on time. No refunds will be given except in case of event cancellation.

Finally, we expect this to be the best LoveFest yet and look forward to working with dedicated and talented creators like you! Please contact Arik Metzger (ArikTheRed) with any questions or concerns.

NB: You will be notified only if accepted. Thank you for applying!

SL Account Name* (Full SL system name please, not display name. Avoid Typos.) *
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If you wish to be contacted by email regarding future Lovecraft Festivals, please provide your email address. (shared email information is strictly for Lovecraft Festival contact purposes and will not be circulated with any individuals not involved with LoveFest communications duties)
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Store Name* (Exactly as you wish it to appear on the blog and in promotional materials.) *
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SLURL to your store* (looks like this: *
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Are you currently a member of the Lovecraft Festivals of SL Group?* (Membership in the group is required to rez and setup your shop at the event.) *
URL to your Logo* (A square logo of 512x512 or 256x256 is required. Please make sure to set rights so that we can link to/ download your logo image. Please understand that we will not post alternate sizes/shapes. If you do not have one at this time, please send a full-perm copy to Arik Metzger in-world ASAP.)
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Shop Level - Primary Choice* (A shop "shell" will be sent to you in the Merchants Welcome Kit so that you may plan your shop layout in advance. Please read the Shop Level Descriptions in the Policies & Procedures area before the select your desired level!) *
Shop Level - Alternate Choice* (While we will do our best to supply the shop level you request, if the shop level you request is sold out, please select an alternate choice so that we may still accommodate you!) *
Plot Request* (We offer a limited number of plots to dedicated Lovecraftians to design and build your own themed lovecraftian coastal town structure to be your store. If interested, please note that we need you to have your design built in time and shown to the event team for approval. Please note also that this option is not available for Roadside Stands. For the complete design briefing please look at this: If you apply now and notice at a later point that you cant make it in time or at all, thats fine for us.) *
Gachas* (Each merchant may reserve up to two (2) gacha machines for the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack area on the merchant site, where machines will be provided for you. No gacha machines will be permitted in individual stores. Please indicate how many gachas you would like to reserve.) *
Ad Board @ Landing Area* (Ad Boards at the landing area are priced at 100L$. Note : If you select this option, upon approval of your aplication, please send your 512 x 512 logo with full permissions to Arik Metzger (ArikTheRed) ASAP.) *
Each Merchant must supply at least one (1) new and unreleased item that is exclusive for the event duration, which corresponds to the event themes (Lovecraftian, horror, dark gothic, 1930’s, flapper era, pre-WWII vintage, or depression-era Americana, other ideas open to consideration - consult with Arik Metzger (ArikTheRed) ). Are you prepared to meet this requirement? *Membership in the group is required to rez and setup your shop at the event. *
Notification of Payment Deadline* (After your shop is verified and accepted to the event, you will receive a payment invoice within 48 hours. This invoice will explain payment deadlines and procedures. Do you agree to submit payment by the final deadline? Understand that shops will be assigned first come-first serve, so late payment will impact shop location and access.) Agree to proceed! *
Lovecraft Birthday Gifts* (As this is the 7th Annual LoveFest celebration of the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft (and we celebrate his birthday like our own), we ask that each merchant provide one of the following free gift for our visitors. These gifts must be related to the Lovecraft, horror, or vintage 1920's/30's theme. You will be asked to hide your gift within the ADVENTURE AREA and exclusive to the event. Preferably you craft something that matches the theme: "The Path to Madness." Remember that all products distributed, even free ones, must follow copyright laws and align with the Linden Labs TOS.) *
Event Promotion* (It is understood that you will do your best to help promote LoveFest 2018 and make it a success. Rezzing a poster at your store is a requirement and should be the very first thing to do after being approved!) *
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