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We are a community of *Internet Entrepreneurs / Homepreneurs* who have successfully built our online business with a turn~key platform that aligned with what we were looking for allowed us to work from home, and actually make a great living in the process.
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Connecting all like minded people regardless if you are holding full time job, staying at home parents or if you are looking to earn passive income while you are sleeping. This is ONE COMMUNITY that we empower one another to build a successful E-COMMERCE business AS LONG AS YOU WANT IT.
* Any newbies who wish to acquire the E-commerce skills and knowledge
* Stay-at-home mums who wants to learn how to generate an income while raising a family.
* Working mums who wants to start a part-time e-commerce business while working.
* Retirees who want to learn how to build an e-commerce business with their free time.
About the speaker:
An award winning ex-MOE teacher, Ms Jeeann Kuan who left her teaching career to be a stay-at-home mum to take care of her 3 kids. She started her own online business at home and generates a 6-figures income monthly.

Today, she goes around sharing and empowering mothers to start their own online business too.
This Is What You Will Learn:
1. How you can start an online business without sourcing or stocking up inventory.

2. What are the latest trends that's proven to make money.

3. How to provide shipping to more than 140 countries globally.

4. How to accept multiple-currency payment without worrying about conversion rate.

5. How to create a Mobile App to run your business 24/7 from the palm of your hand and much more...
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