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Healthcare Professional Students & Providers in Support of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
Week of Action (ongoing)
Thank you to the over 9,500 of you who have expressed your support for DACA recipients and the undocumented community. We would like to translate the momentum generated through this petition into further action to advocate for this community.

Many of you have expressed interest in direct advocacy work and we would like to invite you to participate in our National Week of Action Campaign for DACA. We have put together an action guide that you can use at your medical school, or respective organizations, for further organizing.

If you would like to be a point contact for your school or organization you can note that in the comments.

Here is the link to the National Week of Action Guide:

Here is a link to the letter with all 9,500+ signatures

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We, the practicing and future healthcare professionals of this country, stand in solidarity with those protected under the DACA program. As healthcare providers, we have the privilege of serving our diverse communities, and affirm the importance of a stable legal status on health and well-being. In light of the recent repeal of the DACA program, we are especially concerned with the future of undocumented immigrants currently working to give back to their communities as medical professionals.

Undermining the protections under DACA not only erodes the health of our patients, but of our workforce as well. The DACA recipients within our ranks are an integral part of our practice. Across the United States, there are at least 65 medical students who will be kept from reaching their dreams of serving as physicians if Congress does not create a sustainable solution [1]. Not only will these future physicians help alleviate the physician shortage in the United States; they will be instrumental in serving diverse patient populations across the country. Medical school creates significant pressure for all students even without the threat of losing one’s legal status and career prospects. In fact, research shows that burnout is reported among 49.6% of medical students nationally and 11.2% have had thoughts of suicide [2]. It follows that the additional pressure of dealing with possible deportation would only increase these numbers. We strongly believe that students protected by DACA deserve the opportunity to live free from fear of being deported and stripped of their education.

Students in the healthcare professions comprise a small fraction of the population of undocumented immigrants who currently fall under DACA. In the wake of the rescission of DACA, we call upon our local and Congressional representatives to enact legislation that would provide stability to every one of these 800,000 learners, workers, neighbors, military personnel, and family members who enrich our country every day. Our undocumented communities deserve justice.

Congress must work urgently to create a more sustainable solution to protect DACA recipients as they work to give back to their communities. Considerable resources have already been invested in developing the unique skill sets of these individuals. Withdrawing support from DACA recipients is not only fiscally wasteful; it undermines the livelihoods of those who have grown up in this country and know it as their only home.

In closing, to all students protected under DACA: we are incredibly proud to be your colleagues. We will continue to stand by you. To members of Congress, we call upon you to show the true spirit of American values and protect these undocumented Americans and their families.

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