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Now is the time to teach kids how to give money
Don’t wait for kids to grow up before showing them how to share the wealth, says U.S. Catholic managing editor Meghan Murphy-Gill.

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1. I give money to my parish:
2. I give money to my church using:
3. The church isn’t good at teaching children to be generous.
4. My children look forward to the collection basket being passed around during Mass.
5. I always let my children put the money in the collection basket.
6. I have told my children what the collection basket is for.
7. If you don’t put an envelope in the collection plate each week, your children will never learn that giving money to the church is important.
8. Parents should talk about money and finances with their children starting at a young age.
9. Toddlers are too young to understand the significance of giving at church.
10. My children receive an allowance.
11. I encourage my children to donate their own money to the church.
12. I prefer to teach my children other methods of sharing that don’t involve money.
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