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國立清華大學衛保組校園傳染病防治調查 NTHU Division of Health Service Survey on Epidemics
1. 如出現發燒(腋溫≥37.5℃)、呼吸道症狀、嗅、味覺異常或不明原因腹瀉等症狀,請務必於「國立清華大學衛保組校園傳染病防治調查」及「LINE疫止神通」進行症狀通報,並立即聯絡衛保組03-5743000(上班週一至五08:00-17:00)或生輔組03-5711814(24小時),由衛保組或生輔組連絡衛生局,並依指示協助轉送醫院治療,切勿於公開社群網絡或群組討論身體症狀,以保護自我隱私,並避免未來若有任何確診後造成不必要的猜忌傷害,確診個案資訊應受到完全的保護。
2. 教育部為降低校園防疫風險,規定自主健康管理期間,不入校園或前往人群聚集之處,如需外出應全程配戴醫用口罩、勤洗手,落實呼吸道衛生及咳嗽禮節;避免群聚活動;倘需用餐建議返回自主健康管理住宿地點再行用餐,並應注意飯前洗手之衛生習慣。有發燒或咳嗽、流鼻水等呼吸道症狀、身體不適者,應確實配戴醫用口罩,儘速就醫,且不得搭乘大眾交通運輸工具,就醫時主動告知接觸史、旅遊史,返家後亦應配戴口罩避免外出。
3. 若對疫情仍有不安及恐懼,您可以填寫諮商中心的「安心防疫」申請表,諮商師會與您聯繫,並視狀況及需求來提供適當的短期與支持性的諮商。安心防疫:
4. 環境消毒建議:
(1) 一般的環境:如桌椅、把手,消毒使用1:100的稀釋漂白水(500 ppm)。
(2) 浴室或馬桶表面:使用1:10的稀釋漂白水(5000 ppm)消毒。
學生事務處 關心您

1. In case your axillary temperature is above 37.5°C, or you have such symptoms including fever, respiratory symptoms, loss of taste and smell, or unexplained diarrhea, please repot your symptoms to the survey and Line mentioned above and immediately make contact with : Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Office Hour Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-17:00 PM) or Student Assistance Division 03-5711814 (24 hours). We will have assistance to transfer you to the hospital. Please don’t discuss your status in public or any groups so as to protect yourself and keep it private. In addition, in case there is any unnecessary hurt after being diagnosed COVID-19 positive, your personal information will be fully protected.
2. To reduce the risk of pandemic outbreak, the Ministry of Education has regulated that the student who is under self-health management is not allowed to come to campus or present at crowded place. If you need to go out, you should wear medical masks at all times, wash your hands frequently, implement respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette and avoid group activities. If you need to eat, it is recommended that you take out and return to the self-health management location to eat. Pay attention to the hygiene habit of washing hands before meals. Individuals with fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing or running nose are to wear a medical mask, seek medical attention immediately and not to use public transport; inform the physician of your contact and travel history, wearing a surgical mask while returning home and avoid going out, and keep 1 meter away from others when talking to them.
3. If you still feel uneasy or fearful, you can fill in the ‘Relief Prevention’ application form from the NTHU Counseling Center. The consultant will contact you and provide you short-term and supportive consultation according to your need. ‘Relief Prevention’ application form :
4. Suggestions for disinfection and environment hygiene:
a. Locations and places where the human body may contact frequently (such as conference room tables and chairs, tea rooms, saloons, etc.) should be sanitized with 1: 100 ratio bleach.
b. The toilet should be disinfected with a blend of washing powder and 1: 10 ratio bleach.
Division of Health Services wish you all well.
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填表原因The reason for filling in this questionnaire
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被通知居家檢疫第12-14天之PCR採檢日期You are arranged PCR test between the 12th day and 14th day of your quarantine period and write down that date.
被通知居家檢疫第12-14天之PCR採檢時間You are arranged PCR test between the 12th day and 14th day of your quarantine period and write down that time.
已完成自主健康管理第6-7天之居家快篩日期You can take a rapid home test between the 6th day and 7th day of your self-health management period and write down that date.
已完成自主健康管理第6-7天居家快篩結果Your rapid home test between the 6th day and 7th day of your self-health management period, please write down the result.
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