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Class Assistant Program Application
This application consists of three sections: Program Description, General Information, and Availability.
TranscenDance Studios Class Assistant Program
The TranscenDance Studios Class Assistant Program is offered to students who want to take their knowledge further than what's offered in their regular weekly classes. It provides an opportunity for current dancers to apprentice alongside one of TranscenDance Studios' experienced instructors, and assist them in classes. This program is for dancers who are currently registered at TDS, have a minimum of 2 years dance training with us, and are 13 years of age or older. The TDS Class Assistant Program is a valuable learning experience for any TDS student looking for a future in childhood education, the dance industry, or simply looking to gain experience in a professional environment.
Guidelines for Class Assistant Program Participants
Assistants must be currently registered at TDS.

Assistants must have a minimum of 2 years dance training at TDS.

Assistants must commit to the program for a full session (35-week Fall/Spring or 10-week Summer) in order to complete it successfully.

Assistants are considered staff members, as they represent TranscenDance Studios to our clients.

Assistants will not be paid employees or contractors, but will receive a monthly tuition credit of $10/hour for each hour worked.

Assistants must well behaved, kind role models to the younger students and their peers, and are expected to be hard workers in both the classes they're assisting as well as their own dance classes.

Proper attire (including appropriate dance shoes) is essential in all classes, both the classes you are assisting as well as your own dance classes.

Full attendance is mandatory for the session and assistants must arrange for another class assistant to substitute when they are unable to attend a class. If more than two unexcused absences occur, the participant may be asked to leave the program. Excused absences include TDS performance conflicts, graduation, confirmation, weddings, homecoming, prom, and school trips. If you have a pre-existing conflict that is not listed here, please consult with the director.

Assistants should be available to arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts. Promptness is expected for all classes.

In the unfortunate event that a participant is unable to follow these guidelines, they will be released from the program. If the program is found to be a poor fit for a student, they may also leave the program voluntarily; however, they will not be able to return to the program in the same dance year and may harm their chances of acceptance in future years.

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