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New Member Jr. Fair Board Application
Application for the Medina County Jr. Fair board. NEW MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE. RETURNING members please see returning members application.

Submit by 5:00 pm, Friday, November 1, 2019
Either through Google Form or drop off in person to:
Medina County Fair Office -720 W Smith Road Medina Ohio 44256
Name (First and Last) *
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Jr Fair Board Information
Jr. Fair Board meets the second Tuesday of the month; December through August at 6:30 pm. If needed, an
additional meeting may be scheduled in June and July. Junior Fair Board members will assist with: 1-still
exhibits judging and 1-clean-up day. During fair week members will work 2-3 Junior Fair Livestock shows
and help with 1 Junior Fair Board activity. Attendance is taken at all meetings, work sessions and events.
Members missing multiple meetings and scheduled events without prior notification may be removed from
the board.

Interviews will be on Tuesday, November 12 at the Medina Fair Office, 720 W. Smith Rd., Medina, OH
44256. Interview times can be scheduled by visiting
Do you have a school, job or activity commitment that might interfere with your meeting attendance or fair week responsibilities?
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What Junior Fair organization(s) are you a member of ?
How many years have you been a member of your organization(s)?
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List offices held in the past 2 years in the organizations listed above. Indicate what organization(s).
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List any leadership experiences, other than elected offices, which you have had in the last 2 years. Indicate what organization.
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List the most important activities and service projects you have participated in during the last 2 years. Indicate what organization.
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Have you been an exhibitor at the Medina County Junior Fair in the past 2 years? If yes, what project(s)?
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What Benefits or experiences do you expect to gain by being a member of the Jr Fair board?
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What is your favorite project? What do you like to do in your spare time?
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What do you believe the role the Jr. Fair Board is?
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Jr. fair Board Committees
Please rank your committee preferences 1-4 (1 being your first preference). Committees: Community Service, Fundraising, Promotional, & Social.


Promotional: The committee’s main goal is to promote Jr. Fair Board activities and what the board is about through different methods (E.g.: Writing an article about Jr. Fair Board to submit to a newspaper). The promotional committee is responsible for
creating the booth display at the fair.

Fundraising: This committee focuses on finding ways for every member of the board to help raise funds to support Jr. Fair Board activities throughout the year. This committee must have at least two different fundraising events in which members
can participate. (E.g.: Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser)

Community Service: This committee identifies opportunities for Jr. Fair Board members to complete their community service responsibilities. This committee must have at least two different activities in which members can participate. (E.g.: Donating items to the Battered Women’s Shelter)

Social: This committee works on bringing the Jr. Fair Board together. This committee’s main responsibility is organizing the Jr.
Fair Board’s final meeting in August at a fun place to wrap up the year and eat. The committee also works on another
event where board members participate in a fun team bonding activity. (E.g.: Whipps Ledges)
First Committee Choice
Second Committee Choice
Third Committee Choice
Fourth Committee Choice
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