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RSVP: January 9th National Grassroots Webinar
On January 9 from 4-6 pm EST we invite you to a new kind of webinar.

The Trump administration begins on January 20, 2017, and we know the impending danger that means for immigrant and refugee communities. To protect the rights and dignity of immigrants and refugees, to keep their families intact, and to make the United States into a welcoming place for ALL migrants will require every ounce of energy, creativity, and collaboration we can muster. We cannot wait to see what the Trump administration will do. We must be proactive and continue to build a powerful movement that is driven locally and organized across states.

First, we want to invite you to RSVP for the call. Second, we want you to meet together regionally in teams.

If you are part of a local coalition or network and would like to welcome others in your area to join you, then let us know!

If you are an individual or part of a small team and looking for a local group to connect with, then let us know so we can connect you!

Only together, those of us in DC and those of you in all parts of the United States, will we be able to protect our immigrant and refugee sisters and brothers and keep families together.

So, gather your networks together and let’s plan and strategize and work together!

To join the webinar, go to and follow the directions for audio and visual.
For audio only call: +1.202.602.1295, Access Code: 354-977-836#

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