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CaJun Aussie's Puppy Application
Applications are only accepted with a $200 non refundable deposit to be placed on our waiting list. Pick of the litters will determine what order your complete application was received. You will be notified shortly after receipt of your pick number.
Full Name as listed on Facebook. If you do not have Facebook please specify. *
This is so I am able to make sure you are added to our group for updates and incase I can’t reach you via email when puppies are born. If you change your name and do not notify us we are not responsible for holding your place in line should we not be able to contact you.
Address where the puppy will be residing. *
This is needed so that the correct address is put on the registration papers that are submitted on your behalf by me. You will receive a copy of the registration form submitted at pick up. If you change addresses and fail to notify us we are not responsible for lost registration paperwork and any additional fees to obtain one will be at your expense.
Phone Number you can be reached at and is this number capable of receiving SMS messages? *
Do you currently or have you ever owed an Australian Shepherd? *
Have you done research on the breed? *
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