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VeryFile Twitter Campaign
1. User must have at least 1500 followers.
2. Follow our Twitter Page: Non-compliance with the above two conditions leads to the rejection of participation in the bounty program without undo possibilities. You should do everything right from the first time.
3. Make sure that you fulfill the first and second paragraph before filling the form out!
4. Like and retweet at least 1 tweet per week from our Twitter page. It is forbidden to retweet all tweets at one time. Up to 3 retweets per week
5. It is forbidden to retweet all posts at one time. 1 retweet per day.
6. Post up to 4 UNIQUE Tweets per week. You MUST always include the following hashtags with your post: #Veryfile #Decentralized #Blockchain #Data #Management
7. Your report links must be posted until each Sunday.
Every week post a new report under this thread to update your rewards.
8. Twitter Audit mandatory over 85%
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