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SCS Computer Camp 2018 for G-oldies
CAMP THEME : "Embracing Innovative APPs"
DATE OF CAMP : 3rd & 4th November 2018 (Sat & Sun) - Overnight Camp
VENUE : Grandis Hotel, Suria Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Please READ through the following CAREFULLY and make sure you are ELIGIBLE before submitting your Application :-

Deadline of Submission : 29th September 2018 (Sat) at 1.00 pm.
1. This FREE Applications is open to all eligible Sabahans & residents of Sabah and strictly for those Age 55 and above (as per date of Camp).

2. Only 40 shortlisted eligible participants will be selected to participate.

3. **ONLY short-listed participants will be notified 2 weeks after the closing date of submission either by SMS or WhatsApp. The Organizers reserved the right to select and shortlist the final 40 participants at their discretion.

4. Good health and good command of the English language is a necessity.

5. Participants must be a current SMARTPHONE user with Data Plan access.

6. All training will be hands-on and each participant must BRING YOUR OWN SMARTPHONE with Data Plan for usage throughout the Camp period.

7. Must be a Team Player and obliged to comply and accept our stipulated terms & conditions as set by the Organizers from time to time.

8. Selected participants will have to arrange their own transportation to and from the Camp venue.

9. Under no circumstances, all participants must adhered and comply to stay in the venue throughout the Camp duration. Those who do not comply may be asked to withdraw from the Camp even though selected by the Organizers.

10. The Organizers shall provide foods, drinks and accomodation to the participants throughout the 2 days Camp.

11. Participant shall bring along their own personal requirements like warm clothing, personal medication and any other auxiliary items deem fit by themselves.

12. Participants participate at their own risks. The Organizers shall not be liable for any claim or whatsoever arising as a result of participating in the Camp.

13. All 40 shortlisted participants will have to sign an Indemnity Form with SCS and also to make a Refundable Deposit of RM 100 to Sabah Computer Society in confirming your participation in which will be refunded to you upon successful completion of the 2 days Camp.

14. Participants must also agreed that once selected to participate, they cannot withdraw their participation unless in any unforeseen circumstances certified by a recognized Medical Practitioner at the moment of time.

15. If anyone default in Clause 12, SCS reserved the full authority to forfeit the Refundable Deposit of RM 100 and participants shall not make Sabah Computer Society liable of any circumstances.

16. Shortlisted participants are required to attend any briefings by the Organizer prior to the Camp. Notice on the briefing will be given through the participant’s contact number either by SMS or WhatsApp, whichever is convenient.

17. All shortlisted participants must be at the Camp venue by 8 am on 03rd November 2018 for registration and shall depart for home by 5.30pm on 04th November 2018 after the Closing Ceremony.

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