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Tours of Ballet Austin (2019/20)
Description: Gain an insider’s perspective into Ballet Austin by taking a field trip to our Butler Dance Education Center. Observe a dance class or a rehearsal, see real ballet costumes and pointe shoes, learn more about our dance companies and programs, and have all of your questions about ballet and Ballet Austin answered by our knowledgeable Community Education staff. This tour will give you a better understanding of all of the elements that help bring a ballet to stage.

• Location: Butler Dance Education Center | 501 West 3rd Street | Austin, Texas 78701
• Length of Program: 45 Minutes to One Hour
• Cost: $5 per Person ($100 Minimum)
• Available Times: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (depending on studio schedules)

Registration Instructions: Completing the form below to register your group for a field trip to Ballet Austin indicates that you have read and agree to all of the following information.

Payment information:
• Cash (in person), check, or credit cards are accepted - no purchase orders are accepted as payment for field trips.
• There are no refunds issued for field trips.
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