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Food Allergy and Sensitivity/Dietary Needs Information
Please complete this form if your child has special dietary needs. You will also be including this information on the health form for our camp nurse. We'd like to gather more details here to share with our kitchen staff and camp counselors.

Are trace amounts of the allergen acceptable? What if your child touches a food that contains the allergen? For example, an egg allergy might mean that a child cannot consume ANY trace amount of egg or it could mean that they must avoid eating eggs when they are served. When a child is identified as allergic, it can mean many different things. We appreciate your help in clarifying the details.

Camper's Full Name (Participate if not a camper) *
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Which Session will your child attend in 2018? *
Is your child able to safely navigate food choices away from parents? (with friends, etc) *
Is your child comfortable asking questions about food being served? (asking about allergens) *
Tell us about foods that your child can safely enjoy while at camp. *
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Can your child safely be seated near others who are consuming the allergen? *
Please list the foods that your child is allergic to and the reaction in the event of exposure. Please be as clear as possible. For example, some people who are allergic to eggs may consume cooked eggs in bread, others may not. Your details are very helpful. *enter N/A if your child does not have a food allergy. *
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For children with significant/severe food allergies or special dietary needs....Many parents will bring some food items (labeled with the camper's name) to check in day. Will you provide some alternatives for your child to enjoy while at camp? *
If we have follow up questions about how to assist your child in navigating food choices at camp, please give us your name and contact information below. Our cook may wish to connect. *
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