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Entranced 2018 Volunteer Sign-Up
Use this form to let us know how you would like to help out at Entranced this year. Your responses are confidential and will only be seen by Entranced organizational staff.
What is your badge name? *
This is what we will use on the volunteer scheduling spreadsheet which is visible on the web to those who have the link. If you have not yet registered with a badge name, make this the same as the name you will want on your badge.
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What is your legal name? *
This will be used for official communication, and not shared publicly.
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What e-mail address would you like to use for communication? *
Most of Entranced's organization is done using google docs, so we would prefer you used a Google-compatible address.
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What's your phone number?
By providing your phone number here, you are enabling the volunteer coordinators to call you if needed to facilitate planning or in the event of an emergency. This is totally optional. You can also send your # by e-mail to, via fetlife message, or any other way you desire.
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Please describe any physical limitations that influence your ability to volunteer.
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What areas of the con would you like to work? *
You may choose several areas if desired.
Approximately how many hours are you available to work? *
Please note that you will be able to change the number of hours you are working and to sign up for specific times using the volunteer spreadsheet or through the volunteer coordinator.
What days are you available to work? *
Please check all that apply.
Are you participating in any classes as presenter, co-presenter, or scheduled demo partner? *
What classes are your highest priority to attend?
Please list any classes you very much want to attend. We will work hard to accomodate you. You will be able to update this form as classes are posted by simply returning to this link.
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Is there anything you need us to know about the jobs you want to do? IE "I'd like to work with my partner" or "I prefer not to work early in the morning" or "I'm really good at _______, you want me doing this!"
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