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Report a Problem with Street & Footway Closures in Philadelphia (Greater Center City)
The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia created this form to enable the public report a problem with a construction zone blocking a travel lane, bike lane or sidewalk during a three month period within the following zone: (Allegheny to Tasker, river to river).

Step 1: Take a picture and note the location's address - the more specific you can be, the better!
Step 2: Look at to check if there is a permit for the construction project you are reporting.
Step 3: If there is NOT a permit, fill out this form and attach the image of the project
Step 4: If there IS a permit, but you see a violation, fill out this form and attach an image of the problem.

Note: This form is to make it simpler for the public to report problems with construction projects blocking public sidewalks or bike lanes only. If you want to report a parked car in a bike lane or maintenance of bike lanes, call 311 or visit

Where does this information go?

Reports will collected by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and we will forward the information to the the "Right of Way Unit" of the Streets Department for possible inspection and review of closure permits. Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia staff will use this information to advocate for improvements to the code, better regulations and additional resources for the Streets Department to manage the over 20,000 permitted construction projects.

Please attach a photo to this form.

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

For more information on using this form, visit:

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