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Eastern Watersports Spring Survey!
In order to better accommodate your wants and needs, we have created this survey so we can hear what YOU want from us next season! Share our Facebook Spring Giveaway post and complete this survey for a chance to win! Winners will be picked on the first day of Spring, March 20th, 2019.
Name (So we can award you!)
Have you visited any of our rental locations before? *
If yes, which location do you prefer?
If yes, how would you rate your experience?
During the season, on average, how many times per week do you get on the water? *
What is / are your preferred watersports? *
Whats style kayak would you prefer? *
What length kayak would you prefer? *
What length paddleboard do you prefer? *
What makes you least comfortable on the water? Or what sport are you least comfortable with? *
What sport would you like to see at Eastern Watersports next? *
Is there anything we missed? Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions below!
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