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Experiences at Virtual AGMs - 2022
Here we are again, the third shareholder season where companies will likely hold virtual-only or hybrid-virtual annual general meetings in 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic.

We recognize that this is a reasonable and necessary public health measure, yet we also believe all efforts should be made to retain the interactive nature of these meetings and provide ample opportunity for shareholders to engage with corporate boards and management. But that might not always be the case.

ICCR and the Shareholder Rights Group released a set of 9 best practices in 2020 related to virtual-only corporate annual general meetings do not deprive shareholders of their basic rights: 
Please share this statement with companies you engage.

We invite you to fill out this form to record your experience for every AGM you attend this season.

We may share the experiences noted here with bodies such as the SEC Investor Advisory Committee and use the information provided for press and research inquires. We will not share your name and contact without permission.  
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Company Name
I participated in the meeting to:
How was the AGM held?
If the meeting was online, was it held as a video or audio-only format?
On a scale 1 from 10, to what extent do you believe that virtual shareholder meetings are more efficient than in person meetings, in that the communication is sharper and more concise? (1=virtual-only meetings are not more efficient, 10=virtual-only meetings are more efficient)
Clear selection
Which service hosted the meeting?
Did you experience any issues participating in the meeting? Registering, entering, moving your proposal, raising a question, etc.
How were you allowed to move your proposal?
Did the board participate in the meeting?
How much time was allowed, if any, for people to vote after the last proposal was presented?  
At this year's AGM compared to this company’s AGM last year, it was
The Same
More diffciult
Not sure
Present a proposal
Vote annoucement
Ask a question
Clear selection
What was the total length of the meeting in minutes (please give your best estimate)?
Please specify any obstacles you encountered:
How were questions handled?
How many questions did you submit?
Please provide a brief summary of each question you  submitted and the answer to each. If your question was not answered, indicate NA.  
How many questions of those you submitted were addressed at the meeting?
How many questions were addressed in the meeting in total?
How many minutes was the Q&A session (please give your best estimate)?
Was there a separate Q&A prior to voting for items on the proxy?   (If a shareholder had a question about issues on the proxy, were they able to communicate that to the company before voting closed?)
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On a scale 1 from 10, to what extent do you believe it is easier for companies to avoid addressing critical questions in virtual-only meetings relative to in-person meetings? (1=not easier to avoid critical questions in virtual-only meetings, 10= easier to avoid critical questions in virtual-only meetings)
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On a scale 1 from 10, to what extent do you believe companies avoided addressing critical questions? (1=did not avoid, 10-avoided)
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On a scale from 1 to 10, I  expect firms to avoid critical questions especially when shareholders’ support for directors is low. (10=agree, 1=I do not agree)
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If not already captured above, if you attended this company's AGM last year, did you see any change/improvement?’
What other issues did you experience that haven't already been addressed above? Please report any issues, concerns, feedback on your experience.
Are there any best practices from this virtual AGM experience that you would like to highlight?
Other comments
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