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eMentoring 2019: Student Application Form
Thank you for your interest in eMentoring!

Although women make up over half of the population, they are a small minority of the professionals in math, science, engineering and technology (STEM) careers. The reasons for under representation of women are complex, but one strong factor is that young women lack the necessary role models and encouragement to pursue the required education.

As a participant in our eMentoring program, you will be paired with female role model in a STEM career and spend 8 weeks discussing topics such as your career path, post-secondary life, finances and others.

eMentoring is available for any students who identify as female or as non-male.

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Below are some examples of careers in science and technology that some of our eMentors are involved in. Please indicate 2-3 that you are most interested in potentially being matched with, but remember that being assigned a mentor in any of these fields will give you the opportunity to learn more about a career that you may never have thought about. *
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