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Fan Arts Stroll Registration Form
Registration for: Home Hosts who live along the Stroll path
Stroll Dates: May 20 & 21
Time: 4pm - 8pm
Stroll path: 2000 - 2500 blocks of Hanover & Grove Aves; 200 blocks of Robinson & Meadow
1. Name *
2. Cell number *
3. Email address *
4. What is your street address? *
5. What evenings will you participate? Select only TWO of the following answers. Please indicate if the rain dates work for you. *
6. Please select below whom you would like to host? Select as many as desired. *
7. If needed, can you supply electricity for your exhibitor? They will bring power cords and discuss power needs with you to ensure no damage occurs. *
8. List any restrictions on the use of your property, i.e. no access to the house; restrooms are available; walkway to steps only; full walkway and porch access, etc. *
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