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Recruitment Process
To fill this questionnaire please consider these tips:

1. Answer all of the questions in English.
2. Make sure you understand each question.
3. Take time to respond.
4. Provide a concise and complete response.
Which job site are you applying from? *
Please mention the site where you looked at our ad for this position, add either the name of the site or the URL
Full Name *
Alternative email
Skype ID *
Location *
Country, City
English Proficiency
1. Please answer this test questions and share the resulting score (Make sure to use the same email address):     Your score is: *
Education and Work  Record
2. What is your education level? *
3. Please attach your CV in English
Please share the link to your CV on google drive or onedrive (please make sure you give it open access)
4. Please tell me about your previous and current job *
Please describe each experience considering: your responsibilities; work modality (full-time, part-time, remote position) and time period
5. In case you have a current job, can you tell us why do you want to leave it? (In case you don't have a current job, please let us know why you left your last job)
6. What is your current salary? What was your last salary? *
Tell us in your local currency your current (or last in case you are unemployed) salary
7. How long have you been working at this position? [Position you're applying to] *
Total experience on positions like the one you are applying or similars
8. Do you have any offer from another company? *
If you do or if you received one before we reach out to you again, would you notify us before accepting?
Working Skills
9. When working for us, you find a typo in the content of our front page. You've been granted the permissions to edit it but checking content on the site isn't part of your functions. What do you do? *
10. Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team? *
Explain your answer using your previous experiences
11. How do you handle deadlines to keep high standards of work? *
Do you use some kind of methodology like scrum, agile or other ?
12. Please tell me about your IT skills *
It refers to anything related to Information Technology, such as networking, hardware, software or the Internet
13. Have you ever worked with Linux? In case you have, which Linux distribution have you worked with? *
14. We are not restricted by any day/night cycle or weekends. How many hours a week can you dedicate to this job? Please also mention what days you are available to work, i.e: 8hrs/5days, 6hrs/7days, etc. *
15. Tell me please, how proficient are you in English? e.g: upper intermediate, fluent, conversational, etc? Do you speak another language? *
Working Tools
16. Which of these working tools do you own? *
17. Please tell me your computer’s hardware specifications. *
Model, RAM memory and Processor
18. Please tell me what type of internet connection you use (DSL, Cable, 3/4G) and show me a screenshot of the speed using *
After performing the test, go to and get the shareable URL like here
Working with Us
19. Are you somehow related to hosting technologies? *
Do you have a hosting account somewhere, would you please write a mini-review of it in a few sentences?
20. What about cryptocurrencies?, Are you familiar with that topic? *
Have you used or are you currently using any mining method? Could you please share your experience, if any, with us?
21. Can you tell me please, why would you be interested in working with us? I mean why would you like to work here? *
Please write a text with a minimum of 30 words, we want to check your writing skills
22. What are your salary expectations for this position at the beginning of our cooperation? *
.Please state it in your local currency, not dollars. Also tell us a specific figure for your monthly salary expectations, remember we are talking about a full-time position
23. Would that be negotiable? What would be your minimum expectations? *
We need this info as a reference for our budget, the real negotiation will be with our head manager in case you're selected
24. What do you hope to achieve during your first six months here? *
Please write a text with a minimum of 30 words, we want to check your writing skills
25. What’s your dream job? *
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