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MIFF Competition Entry Form
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Minsk International Fulldome Festival (MIFF) will be held on November 2-4, 2018
Information for participants
Movie studios, planetariums, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others may participate in the Festival if they hold the copyright on the submitted films.
MIFF participants confirm that they are the owners of all rights to use and distribute the film show (including images and sound) and guarantee that they do not violate copyright and other rights of third parties.

Programme of MIFF includes:
– Competition of popular science documentary fulldome films, in which take part up to 12 films, from 16 to 50 minutes length, created around the globe in the last two years;
– Competition of animated fulldome films, in which take part up to 12 films for children and youth, from 16 to 50 minutes length, created around the globe in the last two year;
– Competition of short fulldome films, in which take part feature, documentary and animated films and shows, from 1 to 15 minutes length, created around the globe in the last two year;
– Creative meetings with the founders of fulldome films; 
– Experts' workshops and specialists' presentations working with modern technologies of fulldome cinema; 
– Exhibitions of astrophotography, exposition of movie posters and modern cinema technologies.

Anyone wishing to participate in the MIFF can apply and register their work before September 5, 2018. Early registration is very much appreciated. Participating in the Festival, the copyright owner agrees:
– To use the materials provided for the competitive display within the Festival without payment of the author's fee;
– To the public presentation of the film in a competitive show with the possible participation of representatives of the creative group (each film can be shown during the festival no more than three times);
– On the presentation of film’s episodes on television, on the official website of MIFF and other promotional materials of the Festival;
– On the use of frames from the film in promotional materials MIFF (catalogs, advertising brochures, on sites, in multimedia presentations, etc.);
– To use the name, surname, photos and video images of the Festival participant for promotional purposes without their prior consent and without any monetary payments;
– To grant the Festival Organizer free of charge and unlimitedly the following rights in relation to his film (work): reproduction of the work; public display of the original or copies of the work; translation of the work into another language (creation of Russian subtitles); other possible ways of using the work.

Reception of applications and selection of films for participation in the competitive (out-of-competition) programme of the Festival is free of charge. The number of films provided by one participant is unlimited.
When registering a film for the Festival, the рarticipant confirms that he is acquainted with Regulations. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all articles of Regulation.

The organizers of the MIFF will notify the authors of the films, that were selected, on September 5, 2018. All registered producers will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Organizer MIFF:
Minsk Planetarium
2, Frunze Str., Minsk, 220034, Republic of Belarus
Tel. + 375 17 294 33 64
Official site:

Deadlines for MIFF
Submission's date of application: September 5, 2018
Date of participation confirmation: September 5, 2018
Delivery's date of films: October 1, 2018
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