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[Call for Submissions] Game Happens
Hello and welcome to the foundation stone of Game Happens 2018! Game Happens is the international festival in Italy where game design looks beyond its own boundaries. The fifth edition will return to Genova (Italy) on May 25-26, 2018.

We are looking for innovative projects and different points of view that will help us explore and discuss concepts such as narrative, diversity, ethics, game design, world building; we particularly encourage new and emerging topics.

For our EXHIBITION AREA, we are open to the following kinds of project:
- digital games
- board games
- pervasive games
- mixed-media games
- mixed-media performances
- VR & AR experiences
- alternative controller games
- interactive installation

For our CONFERENCE PROGRAMME, we are open to the following kinds of contribution:
- case study (10 minutes)
- inspirational talk (20 minutes)
- in-deep lecture (40 minutes)

Deadline for submissions is February 11th, 2018 (h. 23:59 CET)

================ Extended deadline: February 28th, 2018 (h. 23:59 CET) ================

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Important Dates
Deadline for submissions is February 11th, 2018 (h. 23:59 CET)

Participants will be notified via email by the end of March whether or not they have been selected.

Theme: Urban Geographies
This year's theme is "Urban Geographies". It's not mandatory, but please keep in mind that our showcase is curated and we will select projects that can work well with the theme. Entries will be selected by Game Happens curatorial team. Each participant (or team) can submit one or more projects.

We want to focus on how cities and urban settlements in general are built and experienced at the intersection between real life and video games. In a world in which the human race is ever increasingly choosing to settle within the urban space, it follows that the physical and architectural structure of a city will have to adapt to fulfil the social needs of its inhabitants. Are our cities to be mirrored in virtual reality? Or, shall we embrace a different approach in creating the urban geographies of video games? Where is the genius loci in game design?

About Game Happens
Game Happens is a nonprofit people-driven cultural association based in Genova (Italy) and focused on the human side of game design. Game Happens started in 2014 as an international festival in Italy – part conference and part showcase – dedicated to both indie game developers and students, without forgetting the diversity and variety of involved ideas and points of view. In the last four years, Game Happens brought together in Genova amazing and inspiring game people such as Rhianna Pratchett, Paolo Pedercini, Eric Zimmerman, Tale of Tales, Rami Ismail, Adrian Hon, and Chipzel.

Game Happens curates exhibitions, and workshops, seeks partnerships with nonprofit organisations, localises meaningful games, and coordinates local meetings for game professionals and students of the Italian game scene.

You can learn more about Game Happens on our website
If you have any questions, please email us

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Unfortunately we are not able to cover your travel expenses, but we will provide a list of suggested accommodation and couchsurfing opportunities.

We won't charge you for the exhibition booth. However, we will ask for a donation: if you have the means, please consider helping us to cover the costs for the materials and the design of the booth you will be assigned. Thank you.

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