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Plant & Animal Biology Training Evaluation
Thank you for attending the Plant & Animal Biology curriculum and course training. Please complete this survey to improve the curriculum and for us to better serve you.
Training Location *
Did you consider this workshop worth your time? *
No, I did not gain any new insights.
Definitely - I learned a great deal that I can use in the classroom.
Did you prefer to cover multiple labs, like we did today, or would you prefer to go more in-depth into fewer labs? *
Did you feel you were allowed enough time to complete each lab? *
How useful will the curriculum and resources be in your classroom? *
Not Useful
Very Useful
On a scale of 1-5, did you like the 5 E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) format of the lessons? *
I prefer the former format used in MyCaert lessons and will not be using the 5 E format in my classroom.
LOVE IT! I see value in teaching lessons with this format and believe my school will value it as well.
How does the curriculum align with the scientific rigor requirements of your school district? *
How important is it that these new lessons are aligned to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)? *
Not all important
Very very important
Will you offer this new course, Plant & Animal Biology, for the 2019-20 school year? *
What did you like the BEST about the training or new lesson plans? *
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What did you like the LEAST about the training or new lesson plans? *
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Would you be interested in attending a multiple day training for graduate credit on Plant and Animal Biology? *
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