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Crux Crush Climbing & Wealth Survey
As the sport of climbing grows, we want to to be able to share our love of it with everyone. However, the reality is that climbing can be an expensive sport, whether it's a gym membership, new shoes, or (gasp!) a trad rack.

Here at Crux Crush, we want to learn more about accessibility to climbing, both indoors and out, and how finances play a role. Share your input in the survey below, and stay tuned for a more in-depth look at this issue!

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Please provide your estimated yearly income, to include all sources of finances (income, student loans, parental support, spousal support, etc.) If you are a student, check the student box as well as an income box.
What is your average yearly cost spent on gym climbing (membership, day passes, etc.)?
What is your average yearly cost spent on climbing equipment?
What is your average yearly cost spent on travel to/from climbing destinations?
What is your average related cost spent on misc. climbing-related expenses (competition fees, organizational dues, etc.)
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Do you feel like your income inhibits or enables you from climbing as often as you'd like? Please explain.
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Do you think climbing is an accessible sport to anyone, regardless of income? Please explain.
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