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2019-2020 Volunteer Criminal History Record Check
PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM ONLY ONCE PER SCHOOL YEAR. (FAVOR DE COMPLETAR ESTA FORMA SOLAMENTE UNA VEZ POR AÑO ESCOLAR.) Applicants will NOT be notified unless a criminal history is indicated when the background check is completed. Applicants may check with the campus office to determine if their participation has been cleared/approved. Please allow one week for processing. (No se les notificará a los postulantes a menos que se encuentre que tienen antecedentes penales cuando se realice una revisión de su historial. Los postulantes pueden verificar si han sido autorizados o aprobados para ser voluntarios con la oficina de la escuela. Favor de esperar una semana para que se realice la tramitación).
Volunteer Legal Last Name (Apellido legal de voluntario) *
Volunteer Legal First Name (Primer nombre legal de voluntario) *
Volunteer Legal Middle Name (Segundo nombre legal de voluntario) *
Maiden Name or Other Known By (Appellido de soltera u otros nombres por los que se conoce)
Date of Birth (Fecha de nacimiento) *
Ethnicity (origen etnico) *
A=Asian, B=Black/African American, H=Hispanic/Latino, N=Native American, W=White
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(Guest speaker, delivering items, etc.)
Are you volunteering as a parent or family member? *
Please select the campus(es) where your student(s) attend, or where you plan to volunteer. *
List all students in your family attending Crandall ISD. *
Previous Address
If you have lived at your current address less than five years, please list a previous address.
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DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification
This copy must remain on file by your agency. Required for future DPS audits.
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I, (Name of applicant), acknowledge that a Computerized Criminal History (CCH) check will be performed by accessing the Texas Department of Public Safety Secure Website and will be based on NAME and DOB identifiers I supply. (This is not a consent form.) Authority for this agency to access an individual's criminal history data may be found in Texas Government Code 411: Subchapter F. Name based information is not an exact search and only fingerprint record searches represent true identification to criminal history, therefore the organization conducting the criminal history check is not allowed to discuss with me any criminal history record information obtained using the name and DOB method. The agency may request that I have a fingerprint search performed to clear any misidentification based on the result of the name and DOB search. Once this process is completed the information on my fingerprint criminal history record may be discussed with me. In order to complete the process I must make an appointment with the Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) as instructed online at Records/Review of Personal Criminal History or by calling the DPS Program vendor at 1-888-467-2080, submit a full and complete set of my fingerprints, request a copy be sent to the agency listed below, and pay a fee of $24.95 to the fingerprinting services company. *
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