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Contact information for St Gabriel's Alumni Youth members
The Youth Alumni Membership seeks to establish the link between the Gabrielites and those who have just left school. The main purpose is for youth members is to contribute to both alumni and school activities as youth volunteers.Your Youth Membership is free of charge until you turn 25 years old; thereafter your Youth Membership would cease. You can convert to our various membership schemes anytime from the age of 21 years old:

• Ordinary Membership with a one time subscription of $200
• Life Membership with a one time subscription of $2000

You are eligible to join if:
• You have graduated from St Gabriel’s Primary School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School or St Gabriel’s School.
• You are below the age of 25 years old.

Youth membership will terminate on 31 December in the year they attain the age of 25 or when they become Ordinary Members or Life Members.

Youth members may at any time convert their membership after the age of 21 after paying up the relevant subscription fees.

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