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First Grade Family Survey
Please help me celebrate the cultures, families and food of Rm. 202 by answering this survey! Your insight will help me plan our Winter Party fun!
Does your family celebrate Christmas? *
If not, does your family celebrate another winter holiday? If so, which one?
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Do you have a family holiday tradition your child (and you!) could share with our classes? If so, please tell me about it!
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Would you be willing to share a favorite family food or craft with our classes?
If yes, please tell more about it.
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Does your child or your family have a favorite story you would be willing to share with our classes? If so, which one?
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Do you (or your family) speak another language?
If so, which one(s)?
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What else would you be willing to share about your family's culture or traditions (either with me or our classes)?
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Would you willing to help plan our Winter Party? (I will provide more details on this later. :) ) *
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