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Animation Studio Tycoon - Feedback
Team 1(Third Year) in the subject Gamelab 6 at Nord University have been working on this game for one and a half semester now.
Our mid-term hand-in is right around the corner. This is a evaluation where the teachers decide if we are to continue working on this game or not.

At the current stage, feedback is crucial for further development, as it helps us think outside the box and see how other people responds/reacts to our game. And maybe it will unveil some issues we have not thought about or have not noticed during the development.

We would like for YOU to play our game and give us some feedback of your gameplay experience.
In advance, thank for you for participating and stay tuned for more.

This survey is 100% anonymous.

Gender: Male or Female?
Age: What is your age?
Do you play games? (Video Games)
if yes - how often do you play?
If yes - what is your desired platform?
Are you familiar with Managment/Tycoon Sims?
If yes - which one of the following have you played
Would you say our game is anything like the given games above? (Gameplay)
If no - does our game, play and feel as a managment/tycoon sim to you?
If no - where did it fail to you?
Your answer
What did you NOT like about the game? Overall feeling.
Your answer
Did you feel it took to long to make a animation in-game?
Did you feel the economy was balanced?
If no - What made the economy feel unbalanced to you?
Your answer
What did you feel about our research system? Was the prices okey? Did it take to long to research?
Your answer
Is there any research features you feel we should add?
Your answer
Was it a fun experience to play the game?
If no - how could this game be fun to you?
Your answer
Would you like to see this game fully developed?
If yes - would you be willing to pay for the finished game?
How much would you be willing to pay for it?
Please address any bugs you might have found
Your answer
Please feel free to give us feedback if there where something you encountered, thought about or experienced during your session that this questionnaire didn't cover
Your answer
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