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The Academic Resource Center (ARC) Tutor/Academic Coach Request Form
Please fill out the information below. If you know of a tutor that you would like to see - do NOT fill out the form just stop in and see Linda or Manjit for the tutor's email.

You will need to fill out a separate request for each course you need a tutor for or for an academic coach.

Tutor request forms will be processed twice a week. A tutor will be contacting you either by email or an appointment request as soon as possible.

Any problems or concerns please contact the ARC staff at or stop and see Linda in the ARC.

You are welcome to checkout the drop-in tutoring schedule or our study groups which are all posted in the ARC.

First Name and Last Name
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Please only list your "" email address. If you list an email that was not given to you by the school, we will not be able to give your request to our tutors.
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CPMC Program Participant
What is your CPMC advisor/counselors name?
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Please put only one course. Example: Academic Coach or PSY 101
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Include times and days available for tutoring appointments:
The ARC is open: Monday- Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm, and Sunday 3pm-8pm. Be accurate with your time so tutors can create appointments by your availability. The more times you have the easier for a connection.
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Statement of Understanding
I understand that once I am assigned a tutoring appointment, I must come prepared with all textbooks and assignments. I must notify the ARC or my tutor in advance if I cannot make a tutoring appointment. I understand that missed appointments will result in the loss of tutoring privileges. By placing my initials in the box below I verify that I have read and understood the statement above.
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