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Clubs/Scouts Waiver Form
Thank you for making your reservation with Konow’s Corn Maze. Konow’s has made many
improvements to not only make your event more enjoyable, but to protect our family and yours
for the 2018 Season. Please read, sign and submit this form with your reservation. We ask that
you please review this waiver with your children/parents/chaperones.

Upon signing below, you agree to take full responsibility for all students/guests in which you
bring to the farm. All guests are to refrain from chasing any uncaged animals, (i.e. cats,
chickens). Please keep all guests from climbing pens in which animals are in, and keep all body
parts out of pens. We ask that children do not feed any animal that has a DO NOT FEED sign.
We have pregnant protective pigs, and ask that any and all parenting animals not be fed, pet,
or chased.

Play Areas
Upon signing below, you agree to take full responsibility for any and all injuries that may take
place while visiting the farm.
No flips, kicks, footballs, or aggressive play will be allowed on jumpy pillow, straw playground,
bounce house, tree house, corn pits, spider webs or any other attractions.
Picnic tables are for sitting areas only. We ask that you do not allow children to climb on or
under the tables. Seating is based on first come first served.
*No shoes on Jump pillow or bounce house

NOTE: Our larger pumpkins do have sharp stems. We ask that all guest hold pumpkins with 2
hands and from the bottom. Also many stems break when holding the pumpkin by the stem.
We ask that all guests be respectful of our pumpkins and/or merchandise.

Scouts and club members $9
Leaders $9
Chaperones $9
Children 2 and under are free admission
Fire pits $20

All food must be purchased by Konow’s, Rosatis’ Pizza, or Polonia catering. We do allow you
to bring your own s’mores or small roasting items. Staging your own caterer will cost an
additional $50 for assurance of licensing.

Bee Stings
On the farm, we have many different types of insects and bees. As you may know the honey
bee is now a protected species. Some types of bee traps are prohibited. Konow’s will do their
best to prevent bee stings within our limits. Bees tend to harbor in garbage cans, concession
area and soda cans. We do have a first aid kit however do not carry an Eppi pen and cannot
administer one. First aid station is available in the small cabin AKA Hen House. ANY injury
incurred on the farm, an incident report will be taken.

Lost Children
We ask upon entry, you place an “If Lost Card” with each child. Children wonder when in large
groups and have been left behind. When children and adults are situated on the bus to leave,
PLEASE do a second head count as children/adults have snuck off the bus in years past.

We ask for all school buses pull forward to the very end. DO NOT stop at front entry and block
drive. If you have older students (8 and up) we ask that you park in the parking lot and have
group walk to entry. This is for the groups safety. If there is a back up on the main road, we ask
that buses pull in parking lot. Chaperones and children can walk to front entry.
Please see additional bus waiver.

For scouts and clubs, Konow’s will allow prearranged events to stay open until 9:00 pm on
weekdays and pre-determined scheduled weekends. This is to allow our employees to plan
their work hours and allow adequate cleaning time. NOTE: Hay rides, grain trains and cow
trains end at dusk. For everyones safety, we do Not allow our hayrides to continue after dark.
During the week the concession stand has minimal food availability after 7.

Fire pits
Fire pits may be reserved for $20. Fire pits located next to tents are reserved for parties only. If
no party is taking place, please ask our staff if it is available prior to settling in. We ask that you
do not throw any plastic or hazardous items into fire pits.

Konow’s will try and spread out the times, dates and scheduled events when scheduling your
visit. We are unable to control the number of guests in the park to assure your group is able to
enjoy every aspect of the corn maze. We do not offer tours and special arrangements.

Selling of Items/Raising Funds
No club or scout is allowed to sell any item in which the farm already sells. Un-popped
popcorn and girl scout cookies are acceptable items to sell. You are not allowed to bring in
bottled water, juice or any other item to sell on the farm.

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