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Holiday Camps 2018
Learn to Skate Director: Tatum Neustadt / (816) 442-6129 /
Event Address: 19100 E. VALLEY VIEW PARKWAY. Independence, Missouri 64055
Instagram: IndependenceSkating
Holiday Camp Details
Independence Skating Academy will be hosting two Holiday Camps after Christmas! Each camp will be split up into levels based off of the skater's ability and experience. Surprise your friends or family members with the gift of skating for Christmas!

Holiday Camps will be held during the following days:

December 26th-28th @ 10-10:30am (Beginner) and 10:30-11:00am (Advanced)
December 29th-31st @ 10-10:30am (Beginner) and 10:30-11:00am (Advanced)

The skating instructor will meet the participants in the party room prior to taking the ice. Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in and put on skates.

Plan on wearing warm clothing (a hat and gloves are recommended), a helmet if desired, long socks, and long pants. If there are not many enrolled, the class will be combined with all ages of skaters.

Booster Lessons:
If your skater is enjoying classes and wants to learn more or is struggling to learn a skill? If so sign up for a booster lesson with one of our highly qualified coaches. Each booster lesson is 30 minutes long.
$20/private booster lesson or $30/two skaters

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Each person ("Participant") using Silverstein Eye Centers Arena/Centerpoint Community Ice (SECA) assumes all risk of personal injury, which may result from participation in all activities conducted at the SECA. The Participant will not hold the SECA, Spectra Venue Management and the City of Independence, or any of its officials, staff, owners, or the proprietor, liable for injury, which the Participant may sustain while participating in any activities, conducted at the SECA. The participant understands and agrees that the sport of ice hockey, ice-skating and all on-ice activities has physical dangers, which may result in serious injury or death. The Participant is advised to carry medical insurance. The Participant certifies that he/she has no known medical condition, which would prohibit him/her from playing the sport of ice hockey or ice-skating.
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