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Founders Pledge Pure Researcher application question form
Please write no more than 100 words on each question, except for the last question, for which you have 200 words. If you are applying for both the pure researcher role and the research advisor role, please reuse answers for repeated questions.
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What aspect of working for Founders Pledge excites you most? *
What is your current personal plan for improving the world? *
What do you think is currently the best organisation to donate to and why? *
Please describe a time in the last few years where you changed your mind about something significant, and explain why you changed your mind. *
Fermi (back of the envelope) estimate: Founders Pledge has 1,400 members. What is the probability that Jeff Bezos will sign the Founders Pledge in the next five years? How did you arrive at this estimate, and what are your main uncertainties? *
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