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Southern Stars Application Form
Southern Stars is a STARTBOARD startup incubation program. This is a three-month complimentary program tailored towards entrepreneurs and startups with ASEAN-Indian relations; moreover, STARTBOARD will hold the demo day in January 2021 for program members to develop business, meet with investors, and find talents to join your team. The aim of this program is to further your understanding of entrepreneurial topics and the ASEAN-Indian market. Hence, we don’t put requirements on the stage your company is in at the beginning or end of the program and we will not take equity in your company. If you are eager to learn more, we are of course happy to assist you in any way possible.

STARTBOARD創育孵化計劃是為期三個月的免費輔導計畫,專為東南亞創業人才及想拓展東協印度商機的新創企業設計之計劃,並於2021年1月將會與所有孵化團隊與投資人舉辦Demo day,提供商機媒合、投資、人才招募等創業平台。在輔導期間中,我們提供多項免費創業家培訓課程及專家輔導,期項目包刮法律、財務、市場研究等。旨在促進企業家對東協印度市場及創業所需知識的能力培養。因此,本計劃並未設限團隊的規模亦不會取得入股團隊經營之企業。若東協市場、國際團隊及創業準備是你目前正需要的,STARTBOARD創育孵化計劃期待你的加入。
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