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Bail bond laws govern the process in which one is arrested, then required to appear in court. Depending on the nature of the crime and where you live, there are different bond regulations that will determine how the proceedings will take place. Consulting and listening to your bond agent and/or attorney is the best course of action to take for one who has been charged for a crime, be it a misdemeanor, felony, or even a capital crime.

The four types of bonds are those contingent on behavior, cash bonds, property bonds, and surety bonds. Surety bonds are handled by the bond agent.

The bond schedule is predetermined, meaning the bond agent can’t stray from the fees.

Certain bail bond laws determine that bail must be raised with a requisite amount of time, placing limits on the period in which the bond can be raised.

Failure to comply with bail can result in a repeated arrest and/or being held in contempt of court.

Bail bond laws are divided into state and federal, depending on the crime. States have their own bail bond system.

The judge determines the bail, and it will depend on circumstances such as threat to society and likelihood to flee. In some states, capital crimes cannot be bailed out.

A judge always has the option to deny bail.

Bail bond premiums – a certain percentage of the bond – are non-refundable.

Pursuant to bail bond laws, the bonded must sign an order saying he or she will not flee, and collateral must be placed in the form of cash and/or property. There also are performance-based bond, which lays out conditions for release.

A cosigner must guarantee the charged’s appearance in court, and that individual will be penalized if the charged doesn’t comply.

By knowing and abiding by the bail bond laws, the charged can ensure that the process moves through as smoothly as possible. Whether through a bond agent and/or attorney (many serve both purposed), the charged can get the help he needs to possibly get out of jail. To find a bail bond agent, consult the phone book, seek word-of-mouth, or look for locations near the jail.

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Bail Bonds Denver Colorado
Bail bonds may seem like a simple concept. However, there are many regulations that come along with signing a bond for another person or being the person the bond is for. It’s important for you to learn about what the liabilities are for both parties before you find yourself in an unfavorable position.
Bail Bonds Aren’t Accessible Everywhere
While your first thought may be to contact a bail bond agency if someone you know is arrested, you may be surprised to discover that your state doesn’t allow them. Privatized lending services for bail bonds are restricted in a number of US states.

Denver CO Bail Money Is Not Always Required
Depending on the reason a person was arrested, they may not need bail money. For small misdemeanor crimes a judge may order the person to be released on their own recognizance. This is done on a verbal promise that the defendant will appear in court.
Attending The Court Date Doesn’t Necessarily Mean The Bond Is Over
Contrary to popular belief, if you signed your own collateral for another person’s bail bond it’s still on the line beyond them just having to show up for their court date. The accused must comply with all court orders and any regulations set by the bail bond agency like Absolute Bail Bonds. Some examples of these are enrolling in a drug education program or being required to stay in a state for a set period. If the accused doesn’t meet all these specifications you could lose your collateral.

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