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Imlay Township Resident Survey
The mission for Imlay Township is to function as a community where farming, industry, business, and residents complement each other. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey to assist the Imlay Township Board members to better fulfill our mission as we make decisions for our community.

Please answer the questions honestly. Your feedback is important to us so that we may continue to serve our community in the best ways possible.

General: How long have you lived in Imlay Township? *
General: What do you like best about living in Imlay Township?
Your answer
Roads: How satisfied are you with the upkeep and maintenance of the roads in Imlay Township?
Very unsatisfied.
Very satisfied.
Roads: Would you prefer limestone roads over gravel roads?
Township Cleanliness: Are you in favor of a Township-wide curbside garbage/recycling pick up?
Township Cleanliness: Would you like Imlay Township to continue to hold an annual Dumpster Day for Township residents?
Township Cleanliness: Would you like Imlay Township Board members to consider budget amendments to increase the frequency in which the recycling bin is emptied?
Currently over $9,000 annually is budgeted for the bi-weekly pick-up of the recycling bin. Each recycling bin pickup costs over $300.
Park: How often do you use the Township park, pavilion, splash pad, and walking path?
Parks: How interested are you in further developing the Imlay Township Park and available extracurricular resources?
Very uninterested.
Very interested.
Township Operations: How well to you understand how your tax dollars are disbursed?
I have no idea how my tax dollars are disbursed.
I have a very good understanding of how my tax dollars are disbursed.
Township Operations: How satisfied are you with your interactions with the Imlay Township Offices?
Very unsatisfied.
Very satisfied.
Overall: Rate the following in order of your level of concern. *
1 = Top Priority/High Concern 5 = Least Priority/Little Concern
Blight/Township Cleanliness
Garbage & Recycling
Parks & Recreation
Any additional comments that you would like to share with the Imlay Township Board
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