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2016 Vending Application for The Spin Summit
The Spin Summit, seeks Vendors! We welcome Artists, Craftsmen, Businesses, Educational/Non-Profit groups, Members of the Community, Instructors, etc to join the Spin Summit team as Vendors.

The Spin Summit begins on Thursday May 12th and concludes on Sunday May 15th, 2016
The Spin Summit venue is located at La Foret Retreat Center in Black Forest, Colorado (north of Colorado Springs).
We anticipate ~250-300 people in attendance. Participants attend for the full 4-days or for single days. This encourages additional participation and allows everyone to attend within their schedule. Some days may have more attendance than other days.

Vendors for the Spin Summit will be selected on a first come, first serve basis, with consideration for a variety of offerings. Vendors must submit the information below in order to be considered. Incomplete applications may cause delay. Please allow time for processing of your application. You will receive an email with confirmation of vendor acceptance and a link to purchase your vendor booth passes for the Spin Summit.

The vendor booth pass includes: your Vending Booth space, online advertising (on the website and social media), two car passes, overnight tent camping for 2 people to run your booth, and early entry admission (on Wednesday May 10th). The vendor booth pass does not include food or workshops. Vendors may purchase upgrades to include: optional meal plans, upgraded lodging, workshop participation, or additional crew members. We are happy to work with you to customize a perfect vending package for the Spin Summit. Please let us know your needs and interests.

Note: Most vendors attend this event with their full responsibility at their vending booth. For vendors who want to attend workshops, please purchase the upgrade, donate to the fundraising auction or teach a workshop to receive this upgrade complimentary. Thank you for your integrity.

We have a silent auction this year to raise funds. If you are interested, please consider donating an item or multiple items to the cause. Vendors that donate two items to the raffle will receive a free upgrade for the two people running the booth to attend workshop throughout the weekend.

If you are an approved instructor, please contact the vending liaison to discuss your interest in vending.

Vendors are allotted official locations and all vendor booth equipment, displays, stands, tents, tables, and supplies must be contained within specified area. We are happy to work with your vending needs and ideas. Vendors are responsible for their own booth equipment. Limited amounts of folding tables owned by the venue may be available for vendor use for a small rental fee of $5 per day. Any venue tables Must be returned to their original location before the end of the event or the venue will issue a fine.

Vendors may choose their location and confirm with the Spin Summit vending liaison no less than 1 week prior to the event. If the vendor does not pre-select a booth location, they may choose their location upon arrival at the venue. Early entry is included with your booth passes. The Spin Summit vending liaison will be onsite during early-entry and regular check-in to offer guidance with the set up of your vending booth and to ensure vendors are in compliance with all requirements and regulations of the venue. Thank you for your cooperation.

The vending village evolves each year, as we learn what works best for the vendors, participants, and the event. We are committed to helping vendors fill their needs and intentions. Thank you for your understanding and support.

In 2016, no vendors are allowed in the upper dining hall. The dining hall is open only for the people that have venue meal plans, during meal times only.

The lower dining hall area is available for vendor use, as an indoor option. This is new and has potential for those interested in being inside.

The official vendor village location is Outside the dining hall. We encourage everyone to use pop up tents. This area receives much traffic. There will be an outdoor fire stage next to the vending village, where people will be attending outdoor workshops throughout the morning and afternoons. In the evening, the fire circle will be located at the fire stage and the area will be populated with spinners. Note: Absolutely No Outdoor Sound after 10pm. The venue has strict QUIET HOURS OUTSIDE at 10pm! No exceptions.

We are keeping space inside Inglis Hall as primary indoor workshop area. A single vending table at the back of the room will be used for instructors vending informally during their workshops. Rotating Instructor Vending Table (changes for each workshop) is Free for Instructors. Instructors may also reserve an official vending booth in the Dining Hall for a discount (contact the event to confirm).

1. The Vending Village is located Outside the Dining Hall. This area is centrally located (half way between the indoor workshops at Inglis Hall and at Ponderosa Hall), used during the day for workshops, and used during the evening for the fire spinning circle and fire art installation. Traditional Vending Village Booth fee is $222. Outdoor Vending Booth trades are available (i.e. instructors, sponsors, etc). Vendors in the vending village may choose to utilize the lower dining hall area for an indoor alternative.

2. An informal vending table option is available in the Registration Room inside Ponderosa Lodge for those who would like an alternative to the vending village. This alternative option is intended for those who want to sell items to participants during high traffic times on Thursday and Friday, when everyone arrives and registers. This option must be approved and is an add-on to an existing event ticket. Limited space is available. Roaming vending may also be available upon request.

Vendors choose their own hours of operation during the event and may request to be added to the schedule if submitted at least 1 month in advance. The dining hall is only open for 45 minute time blocks for Breakfast 9-9:45am, Lunch 1-1:45pm, and Dinner 6-6:45pm. These are high traffic times when people with meal plans will be walking by the outdoor vending booth area. Workshops will be happening in this area every day.

If you are abundant enough to provide a sponsorship, we would love to have your help! The Spin Summit is a gift to the community and we have various ways that vendors could provide assistance to create the best event yet.

All fees are non-refundable. Prices subject to adjustment.

All vendors receive free advertising on our website and social media support. We are happy to promote your vending company as much as possible as we approach the Spin Summit. Let us know if you have any media requests or suggestions. Email your company logo image for the website to

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We want to know when you are departing the Spin Summit venue. Note: Workshops are scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Participants need to get their stuff out of cabins/yurts on Sunday morning - - - but, the meeting halls will still be holding workshops. Some art installations may begin tear down on Sunday or are welcome to tear down on Monday. We encourage the low-stess, go-with-the-flow feelings. Pre-planning and communication is appreciated.
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Vendors may request late departure and stay overnight on Sunday.
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