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WagonCon 2019 Feedback Survey
WagonCon 2018 is over! Wow!
We had 164 attendees, six vendors, four special guests, the return of the Escape room, Kainos pizza for pub night, and a huge number of awesome volunteers!

From all of us on the board, we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our crazy hearts!

While the convention is fresh in your mind, we would really like to hear your feedback about this year's WagonCon. Give us the good, bad and the ugly.

This year we have three sections:
* The first is a general section.
* The second is a player section.
* The third section is for GMs.

There are very few required questions, but all of those you fill out only helps us do better next year.
WagonCon 2020, Year Five?!?!
(Is this crazy or what?)

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On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being low, 5 being high) how did you enjoy WagonCon 2019? *
Horrible, I wish a plague of Cave Trolls on you!
Great! Is it WagonCon 2020 yet?
What was your favorite part of WagonCon 2019?
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If you attended in past years, which was your favorite? *
Was there something we didn't do this year (but did in past years) that you missed? *
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How can we improve for WagonCon 2020?
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Did any particular Player, Game Master, or Volunteer stand out?
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If you stayed in a hotel while at WagonCon, which one?
If you did stay in a hotel, how was your stay?
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Are you interested in Volunteering to make WagonCon 2019 even better? If so, how would you like to assist?
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Are you planning on attending WagonCon 2020? *
Would you be interested in participating in a CAMP WagonCon experience?
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