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Graduate Classes - In-Room Assistant Application (In-Room Classes Only)

“The Spirit is with you absolutely, 100 percent. It is your ally. It is your friend. It is going to do everything that you need. So call on it, and bring yourself forward to the Spirit.”
-John Morton, DSS

We thank you for your heartfelt interest in serving PTS' Graduate Classes as an Assistant. Our Master and Doctor of Spiritual Science programs are an amazing way to participate in loving service. We consider it an incredible gift to share serving the Traveler's Ministry with you.

Please note the following Prerequisites:
Active subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses (or SATs if completed 144)
Active MSIA Initiate
Active MSIA Minister

We also consider our applicants personal health and endurance when selecting the assisting team.

This online application takes approximately 10-­15 minutes to complete, depending on your pace. Once you have started filling out this application, PLEASE complete it in its entirety.

Before you begin, please download and print the "Important Reminders" Page by clicking on the link provided.

1) For DSS classes click here:

2) For MSS classes click here:

If you are a first-time student who is requesting to assist, please understand that we cannot consider your Assistant Application until you have completed the Student Application.

Thank you for making yourself and your Heart available to serve. Everyone on the PTS team appreciates and loves each of you. God bless you!

In Love & Light,

The PTS Team

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