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Race #1 Hattiban [6 Oct, 2018] :: KTM Trail Race Series
If you have any questions regarding this form, please call 9801151533 (Anuj) / 9808594623 (Aashish).

Please read the details of the race thoroughly before registering:

Once you've filled up the form, please visit one of these payment locations for full payment. Please register and pay on time to avoid disappointments.

Payment Locations:
Sports Coffee House, Jhamsikhel
Coffee Talk Cafe, Maharajgunj
Coffee Pasal, Durbar Marg
Himalayan Java, New Baneswor
Gaia Restaurant, Thamel

Full Location details:

Personal Details
First Name *
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Middle Name
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Last Name *
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Gender *
Date of Birth *
by Gregorian (English) calendar. To convert from a Nepali date, use Has to match your date of birth in ID card. Mandatory to bring a valid ID card for your first participation in the series.
Email *
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Phone Number *
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Phone Number 2
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Team Type
Type *
Will you be running in a team or solo?
Team Name
If running in a team.
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Nationality and Address
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Country of Residence *
Outside of KTM Valley *
Will you be coming from outside of valley to race?
Where in Nepal do you live?
If you live in Nepal, which part of the country do you live in? Ex. Kathmandu, Dharan, Jumla, etc. We need this information to identify if you'll be traveling to Kathmandu valley for the race.
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Race Distance
What distance are you planning to run? *
Please make sure you inform the payment locations about which distance you will be running. 2K Kids Race is open to children 11 years old or below (on the day of race)
Other Info
T-shirt Size
To keep a record of t-shirt sizes. (Tees are not included in the race entry fees)
Do you need a race certificate? *
Quite a few people have told us they don't need a certificate and many printed certificates went to waste in past races. Please let us know if you want/need a certificate. You can change your mind later if need be and we can provide on case-by-case basis.
How did you hear about the race? *
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