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MVISION第三屆香港國際直立板錦標賽 MVISION present The 3rd Hong Kong International Championship
日期: 2017年8月26日 (星期六)
地點: 香港西貢域多利會
時間: 上午9時30分至下午4時

參賽費用(連午餐) :
只參加單一項目(18公里精英賽或8公長途里賽) : 港幣500元正
只參加單一項目(1公里充氣板賽) : 港幣300元正
只參加單一項目(紅龍賽) : 港幣320元正
參加兩個項目 : 港幣600元正
參加三個項目 : 港幣700元正

觀眾入場費(連午餐) :
入場費 : 港幣180元正 (包括一場1.8公里熱身圈活動及一節直立板免費體驗課,先到先得)
入場及安排於船上近距離觀賽(18公里精英賽) : 港幣380元正 (包括一場1.8公里熱身圈活動)

支付方法: 銀行轉帳或支票支付
租板:每塊直立板總會板,港幣$200 (先到先得)

Date: 26th Aug 2017 (Sat)
Location: Victoria Recreation Club , Sai Kung, HK
Time: 0930-1600

Entry Fee (lunch included):
Participate for one event only (18km Elite Race or 8km Long Distance Race): HK$500
Participate for one event only (1km Inflatable SUP Race): HK$300
Participate for one event only (Red Dragon Race): HK$320
Participate for two event: HK$600
Participate for three event: HK$700

Audience admission fee (lunch included):
Admission fee: HK$180 (included a 1.8km warm up fun race and 1 session of SUP free trial *first come first serve)
Admission & to watch the race (18km Elite Race) on speed boat: HK$380 (included a 1.8km warm up fun race)

Payment Methods: By bank deposit or crossed bank cheque
Board Rental: $200 per HKSUPBA board (First come First Service)
P.S. Registration on site is not accepted
Due date of application on or before 22 Aug 2017
Paddler should be prepare your own SUP board or rent from HKSUPBA. The SUP board used for each event shall be
14 feet or under
Application are not accepted now for the 3rd HK International SUP Championship on 23th Aug *
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