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Language Jam Feedback
Good hello and thank you that you decided to leave some feedback! <3
I hope you had an enjoyable weekend with whatever challenge language was chosen for you.

The feedback is absolutely anonymous, so feel free to write whatever comes to your mind!
Every kind of feedback is highly appreciated and will help me to adjust this challenge to make it a better experience for everyone!

What language did you learn?
Your answer
Did you find it difficult to navigate? If so, what did you struggle with?
Your answer
Any additional comments or suggestions? (Explanations too long, I want additional content, etc.)
Your answer
Did you register more than once?
If so, how often and why? (Due to a forgotten user name, wrongly picked languages, you got a language you don't like, etc.)
Your answer
Preparation phase
While the first Language Jam started on the Friday of the actual challenge, this time there were some additional days given to prepare yourself for the weekend. Challenger who were given a non-Latin script had also extra days to get accustomed to their new script.
Did you find this prep-phase helpful?
Any additional comments? (Unnecessary, too long, too short, unfair because NLS challenger were given their language earlier, etc.)
Your answer
Learning resources
Did you use the resources that were provided on the website?
How much time did it take you to find material that you later used?
Is there any site/book/other resource that you found yourself and would like me to add to the resource list of your challenge language?
Your answer
Did you use any of the printables?
If so, do you have any suggestions to improve them?
Your answer
Did you use the Discord server?
If so, any additional comments or suggestions to improve it?
Your answer
How did you find the general carrying out?
Your answer
What did you like best?
Your answer
What could have been better?
Your answer
Would you participate again?
What do you think would be a good interval between this and the next Jam?
Any additional comments?
Your answer
And that's it! Thank you so much for your time. Your feedback is highly appreciated! <3
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