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Host a Public House Show
Start by submitting some info about your space & location. There is NO COST to host, we’re just looking for spaces that can hold around15-30+ folks (a big living room, art gallery, photography studio, loft space, yoga studio, recording studio, etc).

I sell all the tickets online, you just provide the space. I’ll work directly with you to help promote and prepare for the show. Your name & address will never be public, ticket buyers will only receive the house show address after purchasing their ticket(s).
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If you're interested in hosting a virtual house show or a private house show email me at
I will come to your house!
IMPORTANT!  Please read everything so you know how it works. Sit tight and we’ll reach out when I'm routing through your area.
Some Basic Information...
All tickets are sold in advance for $20. ($30 if it's me and someone else.) Your name & address will never be public, ticket buyers will only receive the house show address after purchasing their ticket(s). No tickets will be sold at the door. As the host, you get 5 free tickets for your friends. Everyone else should be directed to my website to purchase tickets.

I will arrive 1 hour before showtime. Expect ticket holders to begin arriving 30 minutes before showtime.

You may want to talk to your neighbors and warn them about the extra cars that will be parked on the street on the night of the event. I will bring a small speaker to amplify my voice and a small guitar amp. it's a relatively quiet show so it's unlikely that the sound level will disturb them. Sorry, we can’t do house shows outdoors.

Don’t forget to promote the show. Leading up to the house show, you’ll want to make sure you’re spreading the word to your friends. Social media is a great way to spread the word. Sending out personal text messages and emails tends to be even more effective. My team will provide you with everything you need (photos, marketing materials, ticket links, facebook invites, and more) to help get the word out to your friends. Just be sure anyone you invite secures their ticket(s) before the show from my website.

Consider rearranging the furniture to maximize the space. Though it isn’t required, you may choose to get some extra chairs for the night, whether from friends or rental. It’s also totally fine (and certainly easier) to have people sit on the floor, which can sometimes make room for an extra 10-15 people. This is entirely up to you.  

Refreshments for guests are not required, but always welcomed. Some people choose to do an array of appetizers, or wine/beer and small snacks.  

Typically, house shows are BYOB (our message to guests: “You are allowed to bring a few beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy at the show. Please be responsible with both your consuming of alcohol and the disposing of waste after the show."). If you prefer people not bring alcohol for any reason that's completely fine, just let me know when confirming your show.

If you have pets, please prepare to keep them in an area of the house where they won’t disturb the guests or disrupt the show.

Make sure that you have enough paper supplies for the bathrooms as well as trash bags for the kitchen.

Depending on the arrangement of the show (acoustic or amplified), I will need a small space to accommodate a small speaker to amplify my voice, a small guitar amp, a music stand & guitar stand (all of which he'll bring), and to stand for the performance. If you have a small table that he could have nearby to place a few small items on as well, that would be appreciated. Think ahead of time about a good spot for me to perform to accommodate the most people and provide the best viewing & listening experience for everyone.

Make sure there is a designated 'green room' somewhere in the house. Whether it’s a guest room or bonus room, I would like a private space to prepare before the show and spend a few minutes after. If possible, I would appreciate a few bottles of water, some hot tea and a small bottle of whiskey (flask or small size bottle of bourbon or equivalent would be lovely) with a small glass of ice in the 'green room.'

Be sure to set aside an area on a table for me to have his merchandise items for sale during the evening. I will set-up the merchandise before the doors open and the table runs on the honor system.

Once the show is over, I will typically go back to the 'green room' for a few minutes to rest before coming back out to pack up and greet whoever is still around. This time will need to be kept to a maximum of 30 minutes in order to be respectful of my time as well as your own. This will allow your house to be clear by approximately 45 minutes after the end of the show.  

If you have any questions email me at
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