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Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Application
Stockdale High School 2019-20 School year. ALL APPLICATIONS AND TEACHER REC FORMS DUE JUNE 1st 2019!
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Email address for contact over summer (this is how we will notify you whether or not you are accepted into the program). *
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Which PLTW Pathway are you applying for? NOTE: You may only apply for ONE PLTW Pathway. *
Are you an incoming Freshman or an incoming Sophomore? *
Brief statement of interest (why does this program interest you?) *
Briefly explain how you work with others in a team setting. *
What are your strengths? *
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How are your time management skills and promptness in regards to turning in assignments? *
Is there anything else we should know about you? *
NEXT: You will need your current teachers to submit a recommendation on your behalf. To do this, your teachers can simply go to the Stockdale High School Webpage and click the "PLTW Teacher Recommendation Form" Link to fill out the survey. *
Remember, the link for the teacher recommendation form is on Stockdale High School's Webpage. *
There is not a waitlist for the PLTW pathways. You will be notified if you are accepted or not via email in June. If you are currently an 8th grader and you are not accepted, you are more than welcome to apply as a freshman to start PLTW as a sophomore. *
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